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Eat healthy with olive oil

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Eat healthy with olive oil

Olive oilis a special element of nature that we can consume daily in our meals, it helps our body to get rid of LDL cholesterol as it only has HDL good cholesterol. In addition, there is evidence that among its many properties are anticancer effects and it aids digestion by stimulating the gallbladder.

The good news is that we can enjoy the benefits of this oil, extracted from the olive fruit or olive, not only in salads and dressings, but we can use it to fry things without fear of getting harmful substances like the acrolina, which is obtained from the oxidation of other oils such as soybean, sunflower or corn.
When frying, the oil supports temperatures up to 180 ° and makes your foods more crunchy, absorbing less oil than others. So you can eat rich and naturally, healthier.

Well, it is important to follow some tips to use it properly and avoid damage. First, the olive oil should be used alone, without mixing with other vegetable oil or other fat, it is desirable that the oil does not overheat because it loses its benefits. If you see that black smoke is emitted, replace it with another portion. Black smoke is a sign that it is burning and could cause us some irritation to the stomach, therefore, always keep it on medium heat.

Also, do not reuse the oil more than three times and if you notice that after a frying remains parts of food, better strain it before using it again. At the end, to save calories, place your chips in a bowl covered with paper towels to absorb excess fat.

Oil Types

It is good to emphasize that in the market, there are several types of olive oil: the virgin, the refined, pure and olive-pomace oil. The last one is not recommended because it is not fully refined and needs to reduce its maximum acidity of 0.3 °.

Similarly, the highest quality of olive oil is the "virgin" that preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and all the properties of the olive fruit, and is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed directly, as its name implies - virgin oil.

It is worth mentioning that the virgin and pure olive oil are the richest in vitamin E, antioxidant and phytosterols, substances that help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Remember, the olive oil in addition to making our meals more appetizing, it has an obvious biological value, benefiting our circulatory system, helping to prevent arteriosclerosis, improving our digestion, the functioning of the stomach, pancreas, hepatobiliary level and the intestine . Also, there are several studies such as that conducted by the team of researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, United States, indicating its contribution to the absorption of calcium and mineralization and its anti-inflammatory effects.

To preserve its benefits, do not forget to keep it in a cool place, away from excessive heat, air or moisture, especially in the light. Olive oil is a natural product, enjoy it.

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2 Reviews about Eat healthy with olive oil
on 07/11/2014
I love making olive oil and spice dips for pieces of bread. It's one of the best ways I think to eat olive oil. A neighbor lady of mine is very passionate about good olive oil and she special orders her bottles from Italy. She says that the quality of the olive, the way it is pressed, and even how it is stored all affects the quality of the oil
on 09/12/2012
Good evening, olive oil seems to be very good, I'm thinking on adding it to my family diet more often, but they are so used to consumen commercial and harmful oil made from saturaded fats. I'm going to tell them about the benefits of changing to another healthier oil like this one and see what happens. Anyway, thank you for the information a lot

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