Feet on the Earth. Thoughts and experiences of the agroecology movement Mit den Füssen auf der Erde. Gedanken und Erfahrungen der Agrarökologie Bewegung Los pies en la tierra. Reflexiones y experiencias del movimiento agroecológico

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Feet on the Earth. Thoughts and experiences of the agroecology movement

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Feet on the Earth. Thoughts and experiences of the agroecology movement

Presentation of the book group. Next Wednesday December 20th at 19:30 pm, attended by the editors.

In recent years the pace of change that the land required for capitalist globalization penetration worldwide and in all facets of society has accelerated. But at the same positions of rejection against the harmful effects that these changes entail grow and stretch. 

Questioning the territorial model, as well as the urgent development of alternatives to it, at all levels, is a priority in the struggle against capitalist globalization, and so are all sorts of great importance to the development of resistance, when the development, understood as economic growth becomes ideology, against the commodification and destruction of local economies and natural resources.

General index of the book


Daniel Garcia Lopez and Marc Badal Pijuan (Coordinator)


1. Spanish and worldwide developer Tsunami. Reasons, global impact and impact on the skin of a bull and its archipelago. Ramón Fernández Durán

2. Territorial Metabolism and economic deterioration. Current trends and possible remedies. Jose Manuel Naredo

3. The relationship between women and men in rural areas. Legacy in our projects. Sonia Losana Oceransky

4. Origins of the Social Movement of Agroecology in the Spanish state and its links with Latin America, in the context of the antagonists to neoliberalism and globalization. Eduardo Sevilla Guzman and Joan Martinez-Alier


1. Limits and perspectives after 14 years of the Association of Consumers and producers of organic products "El Encinar" (Granada). Isabel Haro, Marta and Elizabeth Vert

2. Under the initiative. Between doing stunts the growth of the project and participation.
Commission Participation.

3. The Point: now and always against the invader. Cooperation among neighbors of houses in the fight against the destruction of orchards in the historic hamlet of La Punta (Valencia).

4. To transform. The experience of Xarxa, Catalunya. Training Commission of the Agroecological Xarxa of Catalunya

5. Pests and problems of the field: the bureaucracy. Government policies on rural development and conservation of grazing and traditional eastern Asturias. Fernando García Dori (Association of Pastors and Ganaderos Asturiano East)

6. The passionate relationship between men and women in our projects: a mixed membership.
Alberto Cruz, Daniel Lopez, Paula Ortiz, Raúl Rodríguez, Julia del Valle

7. Political action and everyday life in the nuclei of the Pyrenees.
Nafarroako Herri Okupatuak; Laura, Marc and Beatriu Quintana Badal (l'Alta Garrotxa people)


Badal Pijuan. Marc Lopez and Daniel Garcia


Voices in the wilderness. Unionism, agricultural and rural development in Castile and Leon.
Interview with Jerónimo Aguado (president of Platform Rural) by Daniel Lopez Garcia.

Source: rebelion.org

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1 Reviews about Feet on the Earth. Thoughts and experiences of the agroecology movement
on 13/11/2015
I think transformation is the most important aspect of this movement. we are transforming the way the think, the way we eat, and physically we are transforming the composition of our bodies! This is an amazing movement, let's keep up the good work!

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