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Earth Festival 2009

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Earth Festival 2009

With the idea of commemorating the World Environment Day on June 5, born in France of the Earth Festival, since 2004 under the initiative of the French association Terralliance, is installed from Paris the idea of allowing all nations of the world celebrate the planet as a whole, while for better awareness of its fragility and engage in protection. Spain joins the world event and 15 to June 21 next will hold its Festival of the Earth in Asturias.

This festival is mainly based on the citizen as it is an expression which invites us all to become actors. Each partnership, association, group, company, was invited to establish their commitment to the planet by creating and participating in networking activities during the 7 days of the Festival.

Ecoagroturismo Foundation in collaboration with the Association TerreAlliance in Paris, aims to fulfill that purpose and is the "partner" for local Spain, keeping the country in this movement. It has also in collaboration with the CEAV (Spanish Confederation of Associations) and all those associations, foundations, institutions, businesses, and citizens who are interested in collaborating and participating in this project.

Festival Program 2009

The first days of June marks the World Environment Day (June 5) with numerous public demonstrations until Sunday June 7.

And this weekend, Friday June 5, at 12:30 hours in Villaviciosa (Asturias) will start the celebration of World Environment Day with the International Meeting of ECEAT-and activities in the Shire of Sidra, which will start various proposals until June 21, with appointments in various parts of Aragon, Asturias, Valencia, Extremadura and to celebrate and act on behalf of the planet Earth.

2009 edition in Spain

In Spain, France and many other countries, there are many initiatives for environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development. And that is how, in recent times, many were mobilized around the issues of climate change as major blackouts in 2007 coinciding with the Climate Summit, have demonstrated the increasing public awareness and willingness to compromise about this problem.

Since the Festival's highly important to celebrate the Earth Festival in Spain and go on adding value and making these initiatives, creating synergies and relationships among its actors to maximize their impact in different territories, and bring the country in this movement internationally is important.
Participation was achieved with the first call in Spain in 2008 thanks to all the volunteers that have committed to this project, invited to repeat this experience.

Objectives of the Festival: 7 days to create awareness for 7 days

In short, as is the future of the planet as a whole, has decided to devote a full 7 days during which all stakeholders were invited to create special events, 7 days to realize what is at stake on the future of our beautiful planet.

What is at stake is global, and the event must also scale: if the actions are legitimate, the speed and extent of current events (pollution, climate change, weather disasters) incite awareness and concerted action worldwide.


  • Sensitize the national and international opinion to the current social and environmental challenges;
  • Bringing together various national and global actors involved in this field;
  • Acting globally and locally to protect the planet and solidarity;
  • Synergies at all levels and encourage the emergence of innovative solutions for the future.

Earth Festival 2009

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2 Reviews about Earth Festival 2009
on 09/10/2014
Maaan, I feel like a lot of other "progressive" countries really have a lot of cool holidays and efforts in place to celebrate sustainability and the environment, and while the US does offer some support for this, I'm still seeing a startling amount of money placed into the use of fossil fuels, and incredibly NOT-sustainable practices.
on 07/07/2013
Thanks for mentioning about this important event as this works worldwide and the information in their goal, I mean to give information to different types of people regardless sex, status and more, because we all are citizen of this planet and it needs our help too

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