Early studies in the heart of organic agriculture in the Junta de Andalucia Entwicklungen im Mittelpunkt des ökologischen Landbaus in der Junta de Andalucia Primeros trabajos en el centro de agricultura ecológica de la Junta de Andalucia


Early studies in the heart of organic agriculture in the Junta de Andalucia

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Early studies in the heart of organic agriculture in the Junta de Andalucia

According to Gonzalez de Molina, the works in the early-growing area such as the adaptation of irrigation, lifting and installation of greenhouses, is a matter of days, "the responsible autonomy”. During his visit to the area, Gonzales de Molina knew of the conditions of the municipal nurseries in which this pioneering center tentatively begin work with the first seed, next January. As regards the councilman said, "This will expedite the implementation of a project like this so interesting, so as to begin work on native species and traditional in the nursery, for onward shipment to site of the planned farm.”

Lanzas also stressed the importance of this center, "which become our municipality and the province in Andalusia and on the national level of a subject which, as organic production is Future of Agriculture and pursues something as necessary as food quality and safety." In this sense, the first mayor recalled that the development of such sector is brewing in Loja for years and it was therefore important to one step further with an infrastructure of these characteristics.

The center, whose operating costs will be borne by the budget of the Organic Agriculture Consortium based in Santa Fe, "will therefore apply to the Innovation and Development sector primary and, therefore, will host a Loja protagonist as a pioneering center," said Andres Ruiz. From this center will work in research and improvement of traditional agricultural crop seeds, and therefore organic. The Center for Experimental “Caracolares” which occupies four hectares of olive groves and irrigation and will cost 373,000 euros to its facilities with a library specializing in organic agriculture, a conservation laboratory on seeds and a training room, from which will be taught seminars and courses to Farmers wishing to implement more sustainable technologies and less aggressive and more seed companies. In addition and parallel to the center itself will be the experimental area, with green areas, rainfed and irrigated.

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1 Reviews about Early studies in the heart of organic agriculture in the Junta de Andalucia
on 19/11/2015
Yes, more studies need to be done, and I would say even MORE studies need to be done on the effects of non-organic agriculture, along with any potential links between the chemicals used and the development of chronic diseases. This is what really matters.

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