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Early menopause and cigarette smoking

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Early menopause and cigarette smoking

Recent studies had confirmed the direct relationship between cigarette consumption and exaggerated early menopause. Researchers at the University of California based their conclusions after examining the record in 931 U.S. Caucasian women.

They found that heavy smoking, on average 20 cigarettes a day, is a determining factor for most women reach menopause early, before 50 years which is the average age.


Menopause is a natural stage in a woman's life, psychologically she has to accept it and physically she should follow a hormonal treatment whenever required. When it affects a young woman suddenly, adapting is even more difficult.

It can even lead to depression when the news comes at a time when you plan to have a child.

All this hormonal mess is due the lack of estrogen which makes them more susceptible to other conditions such as hot flashes, insomnia and headaches. Family support is really important on this stage.


This is compounded with menopause, heart disease, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and colon cancer diseases exist; the last two, are associated with estrogen deficiency.

Other symptoms are:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary problems
  • Nighttime hot flashes
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle
  • Inflammation of the vagina
  • Change in weight
  • Painful intercourse
  • Dry skin, eyes or mouth

Surely these symptoms don’t occur in all women, because each body reacts differently. However, we must be aware and recognize if we are presenting some of them and go to our gynecologist.

Positive Mind

If we have the diagnosis of early menopause and feel some of the symptoms are increasing unbearable, we must consider our attitude.

We should not hold in our mind negative thoughts like "I will now age faster", "I will not be attractive," "I'm no good as a woman", be careful with it. Although is not easy, learn to accept, understand and know your body. Your mind begins to live this phase as a natural process, that eventually we will come to all, without collapsing.

What you should do is to learn about the changes that are happening, read about it, along with other positive readings, to raise our spirits.

Filled with optimism and loving yourself, look in the mirror and see you're still a valuable woman.

Perform exercises, it protects you from stress and balances your mind, also a proper diet. Psychological counseling and participation in self-help groups are also very positive to lift the emotional state in this case.

Other factors

  • Cigarette consumption is also other factors that cause a woman to be diagnosed with early menopause.
  • Premature fail in ovaries
  • Hysterectomy
  • It can occur after treatment with radiation or chemotherapy for certain cancers.
  • Genetic history where the mother also suffered from that diagnosis.

Homemade Guide

To combat one or more symptoms that are quite annoying, such as hot flashes or headaches, this guide will help you with some remedies:

Infusion of alfalfa

To relieve hot flashes, it is advisable to take an infusion of herbs that provide natural estrogen or stimulate the natural production of this hormone as alfalfa, angelica and celery.

Do not eat much

Avoid heavy meals as they can cause hot flashes. Instead, it should be consumed during the day; four to six small meals which help regulate body temperature.

No sweets

You should limit consumption of sweets and focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains which stabilize sugar levels in the blood and thus help control the mood swings of menopause.

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2 Reviews about Early menopause and cigarette smoking
on 30/01/2015
What?!?! No way! I totally believe it, but then again...there are SO many things we don't know about these nasty products that are so bad for us. I've often times wondered about the ill effects of birth control. I really suspect that it leads to not only hormonal imbalances, but things like breast and cervical cancer.
on 16/11/2012
I have been investigating about menopause, because now on every day advertizing, I found something about this problem that affects many women thought all time. I think that we have to love ourselves and take care of our body with any method we choose and we prefer.

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