Diet and healing recommendations for Dysplasia Dysplasie: Ernährung und Empfehlungen Displasia: dieta y recomendaciones curativas

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Diet and healing recommendations for Dysplasia

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Diet and healing recommendations for Dysplasia

Dysplasia refers to an abnormality in the appearance of the cells, which is caused by changes in their maturity. Dysplasia is not cancer, however it is considered a precancerous condition and although the cells do not mature and expand in the same number and location in relation to mature cells, they can develop into cancer if this condition is not treated on time.

There are several types of dysplasia and cervical dysplasia, which occurs when the cells on the cervix lining mature and proliferate. This condition is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and usually has no detectable symptoms. There is also fibrous dysplasia, where normal bones develop a scar tissue or fibrous matter, and fibromuscular dysplasia where dysplasia takes place when an artery has a cluster, developing abnormal cells in its wall.

The causes of this condition are usually due to a poor immune system, serious oversights of food (junk food diet or refined flours, fatty foods, or spicy and fried dishes, etc). It can also be caused by the abuse of medications that lower the body's defenses and deteriorates organ tissues, as well as drinking alcohol, taking drugs or having other substance dependencies.

Recommended Diet

People with this condition should begin a cleansing diet based on fresh vegetables, juices, salads, quality foods like whole grains, plant-based milks, etc.

Try to avoid foods such as:

  • Sugar and white/refined flour.
  • Sausages/cured meats or animal products such as cooked meats.
  • Red meat and chicken.
  • Fried food and cow's milk (and other dairy derivatives)
  • Irritants such as very hot peppers or vinegar, alcohol, etc.

The recommended diet to follow is used to clean intestines, lower blood pH and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.

FASTING: Drink citrus juice (either orange or lemon). Lemon juice should be taken on an empty stomach, straining the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water, without adding sugar or sweeteners. You must wait for half an hour in order for the body to begin to evacuate toxins. You can use green tea instead of water to strengthen the immune system and debug it. This juice should be drunk 4 times a week and the rest of the week drink tangerine or orange juice.

BREAKFAST: Bowl of fruit such as papaya or mango (laxative) with three almonds, unsweetened.

LUNCH: Vegetable broths, brown rice, whole wheat pasta with steamed vegetables, baked fish with semi-cooked vegetables, etc. One must take into account not to mix fruits with food, nor to prepare heavy food combinations, i.e. eating many foods at once.

DINNER: Vegetable Platter, tuna salad with fresh vegetables, bread with tomato and buttermilk, etc.

BETWEEN MEALS: Carrot juice with celery, broccoli or alfalfa sprouts, cereal bars, a bowl of fruit (especially pineapple or grapes).

Introductory diet

It is important to consider doing an introductory cleansing diet, where you only eat pineapple or papaya for one or two days, and drink two litres of water. This diet prepares the body for deep cleansing or healing. To start this diet, you should prepared in advance, pick a day, buy your chosen fruit and have it ready. Start the day by fasting and take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
If you feel nauseous or have a headache or abdominal pain, follow the diet without stopping, as this is a sign that toxins are being removed from the body. In case you experience more severe symptom, eat vegetable broth with brown rice and continue the diet.

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3 Reviews about Diet and healing recommendations for Dysplasia
on 13/05/2016
Although this all sounds super-duper (verging on fanatical) healthy, I do wonder just how healthy fasting or eating only fruit for days on end actually is. I mean, surely it's a bit of a shock for your body no? Is there no way to detoxify your body more gradually, or does it simply have to be done in a rash and frantic way to get it all out? Thanks for the information.
on 17/01/2015
I've never heard of this condition, but I've had the HPV vaccinations, so I'm really glad that I'll never have to deal with it. I'm really glad that you give healthy, natural remedies for helping cure the symptoms. I'm not a fan of taking pharmaceuticals, and I always think food should be the first choice for treatment.
on 29/05/2013
A friend of mine had this problem, that a pain for her, she had to change her whole life habits but now she?s a little bit better, even though she had suffered a lot especially because this diseases can down the defenses making it hard for you since a lot of other diseases appear in your body, hopefully she?s alright

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