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Dying to live

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Dying to live

We say that an illusion dies, a relationship, a weather station, the image, a person, a friend, the physical body, etc. Death is something that is present in all the time of things, people and aspects of nature. And even though it doesn’t fill us with joy, death should be more than a wail; something like a thanks celebration, for surely it is part of life and renewal of things.

"Matter cannot be created nor destroyed: only transformed." This famous statement helps explain how in the universe, nothing can be really destroyed completely. Things only destroy, get lost or "leave" to take new forms and revive. When an illusion dies, for example, is because maybe we have to change our way the dream about reality. When a relationship dies, it’s probably because we have to learn to transform the way we understand a relationship, especially if there is pain in the separation, as the pain warns us about attachments, which happen when we place our happiness in something out there.

When a friend or a loved one dies, we may feel the force with which we were binding to that person, which we translate as pain. This pain also tells us about how we appreciate the death: if we think that everything is over there, then we will feel pain. If we think of death as a term that would lead to a "hell, heaven or judgment" then there will be even more pain and a long list of prayers for the soul to "rest in peace", or if we think the universe apart and snatches, or it’s unfair, then we will be very angry, desperate, helpless and confused by the forces of nature.

But death is just a friend of life, it is the great teacher of the transformation. When we don’t understand it, it generates us pain; not because it is painful, but because we haven’t known it in all its depths.

Death never separates or snatches or "takes" but just the opposite: it invites to a union, to a new understanding, it transports us to the grandiose. Death should be a celebration; this happens in some places like Mexico, where death is an entity that laughs, plays and is naughty! So it is celebrated with flowers, candy, food and candles. And a special sweet bread! Would be death as sweet and soft as this bread?

Feeling that the universe separates or is unfair or cruel is to misunderstand that we can’t ever separate from anything: here in this planet full of material things, we can think that we are separate from the chair or table. But in terms of energy, we are bound to the chair and the table through our energy. Death is the continued flow of life. Beings will continue their adventure in other lives, whether they believe in reincarnation or not, whatever, life goes on. Follow for endless routes, being an infinite universe of possibilities; it would be a waste to think that when something dies "everything ends there." When something dies, something else just started. The problem is that we resist and do not like or aren’t used to flow with nature, we hold to things because we like platitudes and we do not want to let them go because we feel that love is in the things that "leave" and not in ourselves, in our inner nature that is full of life and change, and it's like a river that pushes us to discover and experience life to find new treasures.

When something dies in our life is winter time: you should reflect and see exactly what hurts us when we lose something: in every birth there is pain. And the pain only tells us about our own shortcomings and limitations in understanding issues, you become attached when you feel that death separates something. The less love, more pain. Love is appreciation, growing, is to mourn, laugh, play ... and change the game when it was already bored or tired! Love is life. And death is a step to a new life. The death invites us to wake up to the potential that we have inside us.

When you feel you're missing something that you don’t want to let go, that death is unfair or confusing you and fills you with anger, ask yourself, what do I need to learn from this experience? What do I need to change in myself? Will I have to learn to know more about myself to see all the potential of life? Because if you don’t discover this in yourself, you won’t see more than death, pain and decay, because life would reflect the way you perceive yourself.

Find life in yourself and let die what is unnecessary, things that no longer serves you. What happened with you in years, let it flow your life where your wisdom wants to take it. If you feel that it hurts and that you hold on to something, go and find love and understanding inside yourself, read and find new ways to renew, love what you're are because when you really love yourself, you will notice how your life flows in all directions.

Death is something that cans lead us to heaven or hell: that depends on ourselves, where we would like to guide our adventure in the universe.

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2 Reviews about Dying to live
on 27/01/2015
What a fantastic article. I love reading these because I totally agree with them and they focus me once again on what I truly believe about life and living. When I was in my early 20's I did such a great job at staying focused on that, but I've let myself get "busy". I am slowly making my way back to deliberate living.
on 06/11/2012
Life and death are quite difficult topics to expose. I think people shouldn't worry about dying, and enjoy life instead. This article explains how to do it, so I find it very interesting and I recommend it.

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