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Dyeing hair with Henna

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Dyeing hair with Henna

In addition to making beautiful scenery and doing tattoos on the skin, henna is a natural pigment that also serves to paint the hair. If you want to give your hair a very natural color, with a treatment that is costly and also serves to nurture and beautify your scalp and hair tips, avoiding resected as do common dyes, henna is your ideal choice.

So do not wait. Go to a store or natural pharmacy and ask for a bottle of henna and follow these simple tips to give your image a new look.

Details you should know before you paint your hair:

Henna as ink

The first is that the henna does not discolor your hair, but only shades of red paint giving. However, if you have very dark hair and want to clarify it a bit you can use henna powder for blond in color with chamomile, this blend works for bleaching hair gently and giving it a brown or golden hue naturally. On the market already exists henna powder as well as the shampoo to help keep the color.

Henna dye and Natural Henna

It is important that you know is not the same one that the henna dye with natural henna. The henna dye with various colors offered are adulterated with chemicals and become as irritating as normal as dyes mixed with metals that damage the hair terribly. So do not believe in the convincing advertising. Make sure you buy the dye with henna and plant pigments, with no metal salts.

Dyed hair

Henna works wonders especially when applied to undyed hair or permanent or smoothing. However, if you dyed your hair, you can apply henna with confidence, although the color will vary depending on the color you have dyed. You can view the recipes below to guide you as you want to take your hair color.

¿How long does last?

This is a temporary dye that can last up to 6 months in the hair. Like any hue you need retouching the roots every 4 to 6 weeks to cover the new hair. If you use a special shampoo made from henna, the dye runs and maintains the color.

What is said about henna 

There are those who say that using henna is not desirable because it gives the hair a reddish hue, sometimes copper, very unattractive. They also say that the results depend on the quality of the hair is taken and in some cases can cause damage or get brittle. However, I tell you that henna dye is definitely a very safe if properly applied and follow these tips. Furthermore, without a doubt, the finest henna is undeniably the health of your hair dye common. The henna color that actually takes depends on the hair and even the quality of it, but here we give you a very practical guide for you to paint your hair and make it look surprisingly natural and healthy.

Dyeing hair

Well, to work, here is the procedure step by step:

1. For henna "tooth" or in your hair, you must apply in hair unwashed and completely dry. It is recommended that as a general care, apply on your hair two days before a nourishing mask. This will help make your hair silky and healthy. It is also advisable to make the cut you want in your hair before applying henna treatment.

2. Darken your hair: the color of your hair and its current status. If had a clear tone, you have to take into account that the final color will be red or copper depending on the tone you have now. If you want to be darker, say, coffee, it is necessary to follow this recipe: follow the instructions to purchase the ingredients (henna powder to paint the hair black or brown) and add one or two tablespoons of coffee, so that is a dark atole. Apply on your hair thoroughly with a brush and allow to stain for an hour. Then rinse or wash and get used to it. If you were not expecting the color as darker and want more, you can repeat the operation.

3.If you want your hair clarified: and give it a slightly reddish hue with golden shine, you have to do is this: do a good concentrated chamomile tea (chamomile is a natural rinse) and then add the spoonful of Henna following the instructions. The powder you choose should be golden blond. Leave on your hair for an hour and, preferably, skip to where you paste the direct sunlight, this will help. Then rinse thoroughly and wash, giving a gentle massage on your scalp to stimulate circulation and oxygenate your hair. If you want further clarification, from that day rinse your hair daily with water concentrated chamomile, you'll see it is very natural and glimmer increasingly clear.

Tips end to keep the hair nice:

Do not forget to give massages to your scalp to stimulate circulation and try to absorb nutrients well. In addition, each week a mask applied to your hair healthy. You can do with half avocado, 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Two tablespoons of mayonnaise (if this fails fatty ingredients) and a few drops of lemon. Leave in your hair as long as you can and watch your hair always looking very healthy. And finally, making smoothies of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially celery, alfalfa, carrots, yeast, nuts and seaweed are essential to the health of the hair.

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2 Reviews about Dyeing hair with Henna
on 13/06/2015
I used to work wit ha girl that used henna to dye her hair, and it looked so much better than "regular" dye. I have to say...I'm not really a fan of dying ones hair, but if you're going to do it, henna is just about your best bet. NO chemicals!
on 07/08/2013
I do want to change my style and try something new, I want to paint my hair but I'm pregnant now and I do not want to harm the baby with chemicals so I was wondering if I can use henna even though I am pregnant? A friend of mine told me this fact but I want to be sure before doing anything else

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