Drinking coffee does not harm your health Kaffee ist nicht schädlich für ihre Gesundheit Tomar Café no perjudica tu Salud

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Drinking coffee does not harm your health

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Drinking coffee does not harm your health

A lot has been said about the harmful effects of drinking coffee, instead of highlighting its properties, to the point that many people refuse drinking it fearing that caffeine, its main component, damages their body causing ulcers, heart palpitations and / or addiction.

This is not entirely true, because coffee is healthier than harmful, the benefits range from stimulating the nervous system to prevent risks of future cancer.

Everything is about the amount of coffee we drink a day, of course you should not exaggerate. The issue of consumption is equal compared to any other food. If you are healthy, you can take between one to three cups a day without any problem.

It is not harmful

For its contribution of magnesium, potassium and fluoride, it’s far from causing anxiety problems if taken in moderation; coffee can improve concentration and memory in people, also increases the mental and physical performance.

Since caffeine is considered a vasodilator, it reduces blood pressure, thereby avoiding the risk of diseases caused by high blood pressure.

It can help relieve migraines. Brain blood vessels dilate while drinking coffee and reduce pain.

Prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

As a source of antioxidants, it makes the aging process slow, and prevent us from getting some type of degenerative disease like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, according to some experts the probability is five times lower than those who do not drink coffee.

It does not affect pregnancy

Coffee consumption does not have a negative impact on the mother or the developing baby. Women can take two cups of coffee a day, without doing any harm to their baby.

Healthy Smile

Coffee does not cause cavities, that is another myth that has already been contested, on the contrary, it prevents the emergence of bacteria in the mouth, but consumed without milk or sugar.

No cirrhosis

A consumer of coffee has five times less likely to develop liver cirrhosis or it reduces mortality if the patient is already ill.

Avoids depression

Being a natural stimulant that provides energy, coffee helps to avoid depression, but that does not mean that a patient should not try a treatment with a specialist.


According to a recent research, drinking between 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by up to 30% because its components decrease the concentration of blood sugar.

Improves asthma and allergies

Caffeine dilates the bronchi attacking the crisis of asthma and other allergies. Today, caffeine is one of the main substances of many medications for respiratory problems.

The adverse

Nausea and stomach pain

Drinking coffee in excess, more than five cups a day, may cause some people problems of nervousness, stomach pain and nausea. This effect does not occur for everyone, but for some can be very painful. The nausea and pain can occur from over stimulation of nerves in the stomach, dehydration and acid production.

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3 Reviews about Drinking coffee does not harm your health
on 06/11/2017
WHY THE HEADACHES AFTER YOU STOP DRINKING IT? I HAD Arthritis IN MY FIGURES and it has gone away and the headaches, since i had stopped drinking this liquid drug called coffee. Do not let the devil fool you. Be wise and treat you body as a holy temple.
on 27/12/2014
I totally agree! And there's so much weird "information"...i.e. "rumors" floating around about "eat this, not that", "this is good, that's bad", and it's all just so ridiculous. Coffee beans are a natural, essentially unprocessed product, and if you don't add any sugar or cream to it, it it fresh and wholesome.
on 26/11/2012
Well let me tell you that I love drinking coffee, and actually I thought it was bad for my health, especially for my teeth and bones, but this article says interesting things. I drink 2 or 3 cups a day so I think I?m just ok with the consumption.

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