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Drink water and heal yourself

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Drink water and heal yourself

The cleaning is done with water or soft drink?

Cleaning the body

The most important and needed function of water is the washing and cleaning. It is well known that the body is cleaning itself at all times, especially when we have a diet too rich in protein, fat, sugar, bread and salt or seasonings. To regulate everything we eat, many times the body needs water. If you cannot find it, it would be like if we want to wash dishes without water. You know: if you let the dirty dishes one day, the food becomes dry and sticky, it becomes fermented. This is exacerbated, especially when there is heat. Imagine those dirty dishes if you leave a few days? A month?... A year? That would be a kind of abandonment to the kitchen without saying that something is happening. However, and unfortunately, many organisms are suffering from water shortage, not just for one year, but even more!! That is why it is we have spent this time to talk about the importance of water in your health, wellness and beauty, because beauty is, above all, cleanliness and purity, and, whether there is a good cleaning of your body, this undoubtedly will be reflected in your face, your eyes and even in your emotions!!.

The importance of drinking water

A human being, at healthy and normal conditions, removes about two liters of water daily through sweat and urine. We get water from fruits and vegetables, the more water we drink is the main way of obtaining this fluid. When not drinking enough water, the body begins to remove if from the systems and organs, skin, eyes and mucous membranes which begin to suffer the main consequences of this shortage: dryness, withering, hardening of the toxins in the body, urine and feces hardened or too concentrated. The depletion of moisture in the body causes blood to thicken and there is a risk of anemia, poor circulation, constipation, heart and kidney problems in addition to nervous system malfunctions, and so on.

The correct way to drink water

It may seem an exaggeration, and you might think that it is enough taking a few glasses of water when you remember. Of course this is better than nothing, however, you have to agree that it is not the same if there is water in your house just the two p.m., and the rest of the time there is no water, not even for the toilet. Because your body is the same. So it is important that...

  • Drink two or three liters of water a day, but not at the same time, drink portions spaced throughout the day. The ideal is to drink a glass or half glass every hour or every half hour, although this can vary, we know, as your activities.
  • In order not to remembering to drink water, you can begin to make a habit with your co-ordination activities. For example, if you go into sales and much of your house you can say "every time they enter or leave the house I drink water." O "each time I go to the toilet or wash my hands or teeth, I drink half a glass of water.”
  • It is important to drink water even if you do not have thirst. The body's thirst indicates that there is already a shortage, and we should not wait until it becomes apparent.
  • Although it is best to drink water at different times of day, there is one exception: mealtime. Drink one hour before eating and after. When you take any kind of liquid during a meal, the gastric juices that help digestion dilute both the liquids and your digestion will be very heavy and slow.
  • Drinking warm or hot water is very effective for health: not just clean the stomach and intestines, it decongests dissolving mucus and toxins and helping to expel, but is a much more efficient purge and practically given away in Compared with many other allopathic medicine which are sold to repair stomach and intestinal problems. When suffering from indigestion, heaviness, nausea, constipation, boil a glass of water, let it cool a bit and drink as hot as you can.
  • However, use the hot water only when you feel bad stomach. Prefer cool water if you're healthy.
  • When think if you have taken enough water this day, don’t tell you took into account the soft drinks and beverages purchased in the store. Never is the same pure water that the other drinks.
  • The most difficult thing to start drinking water is when the palate has become accustomed to the sugars and flavors of soft drinks and beverages, taste is ungrateful to its "nothing." However, agree that it is not the same washing the dishes with soda than with clean water. This difference may be the same for your body.
  • Drinking mineral water has a real healing in the body.
  • And finally: when drinking water, imagine you are taking an elixir, a healing and powerful substance. Did you know that your thoughts and your hands can electrically charge the water, either positively or negatively? This interesting information can be found in several books about the crystals that form when water with just the touch of your hands. The crystals are very beautiful when you play with your hands and appreciate pleasure or think about things.

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2 Reviews about Drink water and heal yourself
on 29/08/2014
I've read before that drinking enough water throughout the day can prevent cancer. I drink a lot of water every day, and even put lemon wedges into it. The only problem I have is that sometimes I drink water too close to bedtime, and then I have to get up (almost every night) at some point to go to the bathroom. But yes, wonderful article, thanks for the great information.
on 11/11/2013
I didn?t know that water was so wonderful, well, I do know that it is good for the body, but not so good, now I understand why it is so important for the whole world, all the plants and animals that inhabit this beautiful planet made of ¾ parts of water

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