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Beauty sleep, wake up radiant

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Beauty sleep, wake up radiant

A night's rest and a good beauty routine before bed can do wonders for you. Sleeping well helps you perform better during the day, a positive attitude, and even to eat less, however, these are not the only benefits that good sleep can contribute positively to your beauty.

A recent study showed that people who rest less also look less attractive than the other people; it could be that have fewer hours to regenerate the skin and regains its natural beauty. Currently it is known that skin regeneration is activated during the night.

If you've ever heard of beauty sleep, this could have enough basics; your body repair enzymes, proteins that initiate the production of our skin and hair, also work in the early hours, especially at three in the morning when have the highest activity. While you sleep, your body handles give an intensive beautification and fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the process more efficient and durable.

Cleaning Routine

During the day, our skin and hair are exposed to all kinds of contaminants. The dirt accumulates primarily in face and is covered by makeup, and if we do not take it away, we will not allow regenerating normally.

Moisturizers applied after cleaning routine are more effective, as the wet face is 10 times more absorbent.

If your skin is dry, you can use almond oil for cleaning, if you tend to have oily skin, mineral water can be an effective cleaning agent.

In general, for a complete beauty routine, it is recommended to give a refreshing bath and apply care products for your skin before bed, while your skin is still wet. If you follow these tips, you can make your sleeping hours more repairing and beautifying.

Radiant skin

If you want that your skin looks great in the morning, apply a body moisturizer at night, several studies mention that during the afternoon, we lose more moisture in our skin, so if we don’t properly hydrate your skin, while waking, we feel our skin dull and dry.

For hair

The worst thing you can do to your hair is sleeping with wet hair; excess water makes the hair fibers to swell and more susceptible to breakage and open, however, if you apply a treatment of oil based moisturizers overnight, at the tips of your hair wet, may look better.

Another recommendation is that you change your pillowcase for a satin one, since being slippery prevents hair breakage.

Give attention to your feet

If the soles of your feet are dry, use a moisturizer based on ingredients and natural extracts, such as aloe, and take the opportunity to pass it through your feet, after applying the product, put a sock, and let stand during the night, to wake up with a much better-looking feet.

Avoid puffy eyes

If you do not sleep well, you're likely to wake up with a pair of puffy eyes, this is because during the night, the parasympathetic system is in charge of mobilize the accumulated fluids in the tissues during day, but if your sleep is inadequate, is very likely that this function does not perform well, so I recommend that before bed, put a product whose function is to prevent puffy eyes containing caffeine, a substance that helps the mobilization of fluids, and avoid this consequence of bad sleep.

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2 Reviews about Beauty sleep, wake up radiant
on 09/09/2014
Do you have any suggestions for dark circles under the eyes? I don't ever have puffy eyes, but I always get those dark circles. I have read about doing eye exercises every day, where you move your eye balls from side to side, stretching and promoting circulation. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
on 12/03/2013
I know that the worst thing you can do to your eyes and face in general is leaving the makeup the entire night, this can cause many problems and even infections so you should try to take it as soon as you can and avoid using a lot of makeup too. Thanks for the recommendations there are pretty helpful

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