If Mr. Money is powerful, Mr. Fear is no less Das Geld ist mächtig, aber die Angst ist es nicht weniger ... Si poderoso es Don Dinero no lo es menos Don Miedo...


If Mr. Money is powerful, Mr. Fear is no less

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If Mr. Money is powerful, Mr. Fear is no less

All the people know the fear; it is uncomfortable, though sometimes necessary. It is a companion in this life trip, but ... within an order. Let me explain, the fear, is a form of conservation, which manages the instinct, but instinct gives way and let the fear inpere, we can realize that it is very bad fellow, and can become one of the worst disease, because it is not easy to recognize, either in us or to others who suffer it, because sometimes we are not even aware of our fears and that is the worst. But let's go by steps.


The fears that we have: we beat them, "Do we want to eradicate them?”


Fears that we do not know we have, do we want to overcome, once we identify them?

If we learn to conquer fear and we dare to look straight on, Mr. Fear will be out our life.

If we investigate our unconsciousness, we will find out our being, without stress. And so, one by one, our emotions. With flower essences, this is achieved slowly and with effort, but they say that what is worth takes time, and if you let Mr. Time, it will put things into perspective and let them try it, and "looking the other way" is wasting time, Mr. Time continues to give demonstrations of our errors, because how many times have we repeated stories with people and situations we dislike?

Regards, Rosario de Cuenca

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1 Reviews about If Mr. Money is powerful, Mr. Fear is no less
on 22/10/2015
Fear and money are two very powerful factors in today's society. In fact, I thin ka lot of people's obsession with money actually stems from fear: fear of not having enough, fear of not being "respected", fear of not being powerful, and for some reason, these people think money fills that void.

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