Do you want money? Be generous and practice these secrets Sie wollen Geld? Seien Sie großzügig und entdecken Sie die Geheminisse ¿Quieres dinero? Se generoso y practica secretos de los realmente afortunados

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Do you want money? Be generous and practice these secrets

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Do you want money? Be generous and practice these secrets

An Australian couple inherited 10 million from their elderly neighbor just because the couple was kind, generous and paid her attention: they cooked and brought food, paid the electricity bills, etc., details that the family of the old woman did not take care of, even her only niece wanted to send her to a nursing home so she could enjoy the beautiful family mansion. This news just published a very good example to understand how fortune can come to any place, person or form, especially when we do things with a generous heart and without expecting anything in return.

Do not you feel so lucky? Do these things happen to you? And you know why not? Because your ability to accept the fortune is limited for what you have learned about money. You recognize and give more power to your feelings of lack and limitation than to the abundant power you have.

Fortune and generosity

Not having a lot of money can cause people states of stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, etc. These states seem to only attract more lack and limitation. Have you noticed that every time that you care for money; life doesn’t flow or cost you more to get it? And we have been brought up that if you do not have money, you must take care or haggle (ask for less money) for the things we buy, etc. This certainly is a mental limitation, which only attracts more poverty and little cash flow, these feelings only overrides our ability to make more money.

To attract wealth into our lives is necessary, before thinking and complaining about our limited portfolio, to understand that money comes not only from our talents and work, but how we allow money get into our lives, i.e. our ability to accept.

If you look, there are many people who work all day or are very talented but they are not well paid, or people who seem to have a lot of money but they are indebted because who knows when or why they spend their money. On the other hand, some people do not work hard or have great talents, but they live comfortably without any problems or liability. What happen this? Because of the acceptance capacity and, above all, their ability to enjoy what they have, to share and use it wisely.

When you pay a bill you feel that you run out of money or paid too much?
Does it bother you to pay your bills?
Do you think the situation is very difficult?
Before you pay the people who work with you, do you spend the money on other things?
Do not you let tips to those who serve you?
You think you always have to defer to enjoy the money?
Are you angry with the bank charges you or someone because many interests?
Are you afraid of not being able to have enough money for what you want, etc..?

Then you need to urgently build a mentality of abundance!

Mentality of Abundance

We may have little money, but we should high abundance mentality, which is built with these attitudes to money:

  • Pay with gratitude and generosity: when you pay your bills, rent, telephone, etc., do it with gratitude and joy. If this does not feel honest at first is normal, because you are used to see lack and limitation, to feel that you get nothing when you pay, which only generate this more and more. You must strive to appreciate your ability to pay and flow money: see no lack, seen as money flows easily to you and how you use it to pay to have certain amenities.
  • Do not complain: Avoid repeating everyone your state of poverty. One should feel generous and give a friendly and generous face to everyone, don’t look yourself as "poor me". Instead of complaining, use this energy to create a good work.
  • Strive to be creative and original in what you do: Nothing is worth more at this time than to be creative and original in your work. And if you have no job, then invent something that agrees with what you like to do in this life, enjoy your work.
  • Each time you are worried about money, use some quantity to buy something you like: like ice cream, a movie ticket, a good book, etc. If you feel guilty about spending on "unnecessary" things when you do not have money, then buy two things for you! You must re-establish a good relationship with money, which was not made for you to suffer but to be enjoyed! The more you enjoy the money, the more it flows into your life.

And what about those ungenerous people with money?

It is true that there are many people who have money and who are stingy, ungenerous and ambitious ... and they have large fortunes! But besides that this should not be an excuse for not being generous with ourselves and others. It is true that the money doesn’t make you happy when it is not shared or used with intelligence and generosity.

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5 Reviews about Do you want money? Be generous and practice these secrets
on 23/01/2015
Just recently I went into business with an older man who is a very successful business man. He already has three thriving business, we're starting the fourth together, and he's taught me so much alreayd. One thing that has really stuck with me, is he said, pay the people well who help you out, they'll never fail you. Be generous.
on 07/07/2014
Encouraging words are always welcomed, thanks for that! I will keep reading you
on 04/05/2014
on 26/04/2014
i really appreciate your post. I do sometimes feel depressed when there is short of money in my pocket. I wish to follow the above guidelines thank you sir.
on 04/01/2013
Nice tips to reach a nice and positive attitude. It?s true that good things bring more good things, and actually I really believe in the Karma, so we must flow peaceful through life enjoying everything we receive and then a big surprise will come to us, maybe it?s not money, but something even better!

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