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Do you have age spots on your skin? Learn to identify them

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Do you have age spots on your skin? Learn to identify them

Not all spots on the skin are the same. In fact, not all appear for the same reason either: Some may be genetic, while others may be manifestations of a disease or indeed due to exposure to the sun.

Spots consist of an uneven production of melanin, which causes the focussed discoloration in a specific area, and age, sun exposure, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, use of computers and laptops, cellphones and ultraviolet sources in general are the main causes.

Areas that usually have more spots, or are more susceptible to them, are those that are exposed, such as the neck, face, hands, and chest.

Stains or discolorations can cause discomfort and affect the self-esteem of the person.


Also known as age spots, usually have a round or oval shape, and appear slightly beige at first but tend to darken over time. Their appearance is attributed to exposure to sunlight without protection, so usually occur in exposed skin areas such as hands, face, hands, shoulders, legs and even back. Fair skin and redheads are more prone to develop them and they usually appear around age 50, but may occur earlier if a person is excessively exposed to the sun.


They are spots that usually appear symmetrically on the face and tend to be brown. They often occur on the cheeks, forehead, chin and upper lip. They have irregular edges and a dark color which is variable. It is estimated that they affect around 50% to 70% of pregnant women and from 5-34% in women using contraceptives, it is therefore related to hormones and the presence of estrogen.


These are small spots which present themselves throughout the yea and are intensified by sun exposure.  However, after the hot season they will disappear or significantly lighten in colour. They are usually common in people with light skin and hair.


To prevent skin discoloration, it is important to use a product with SPF daily, or whenever you are exposed to the sun. Sunscreen's function is to prevent the sun's rays from reaching your skin directly. You can also protect yourself from the sun by wearing glasses, using umbrellas and hats and choosing a skin protection product that best suits your needs.

Skin Cancer

Not all discolorations are indicative of skin cancer. However, it is a distinct possibility and so there are some symptoms of which we must be aware of in moles, for example if they change abruptly in size or colour. Also, if you notice a mole or spot growing, bleeding or itching, consult a dermatologist.


There is some genetic tendency to develop spots or have many moles. If you have this tendency it is recommended that you do a regular check with a specialist, especially if you notice any changes in your moles. Also, you should check if there is a history of skin cancer in your family.

How do you combat them?

Today there are several creams that can lighten the skin and combat blemishes. However, success depends on how long you take to treat them, that is the longer they remain untreated, the more difficult it is to treat, so it is recommended to treat them quickly when you first notice them.

There are other methods you might find useful, such as chemical peels, pulsed light procedures, the use of CO2, or fractional laser treatment that offers a quick fix, usually in a single session.

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6 Reviews about Do you have age spots on your skin? Learn to identify them
on 04/02/2016
As this article suggests, not all skin discolorations or spots/freckles are signs that you may have cancer, however it is always a safer option to have anything you are unsure of checked out by a doctor, especially if you have noticed a new mole/freckle developing and it has changed shape or colour. Wearing sunscreen, whether you are light or dark skinned, is an absolute MUST!
on 31/07/2014
This is a really informative article, and talked about a lot of "conditions" I had never heard before. With all this talk about the importance of sunscreen, a lot of people are just scared stiff of getting skin cancer. I've read the back of sunscreen bottles, and I'm not quite sure I feel safe using it. If we spend so much time reading the labels of foods we eat, I also think we need to pay a little more attention to the products we lather on our skin. Our skin is incredibly absorbant - more so than people realize.
on 06/02/2014
It is a matter of health, maybe there are those spots that don't look bad or actually are bad, but we should take care if there are any abnormalities in the skin, spots that doesn't look like molds or freckles, this is very important if you do not want to have an illness or anything
on 05/02/2014
All my brothers always called me Freckles, all my life, I do not why but maybe the ones that I have are not so bad at all, because they had been there since I have memory, haha, anyway, I have noticed some more appearing and well, I do no want to make this situation worsen, let's use some sun blocking
on 02/02/2014
I am very afraid of the cancer, because I have sensitive skin and I think I might have something bad at least, this is bad feeling but I am sure for some reason, so I have taken care of it from long time ago but still I feel like I am not doing enough, so any other recommendation?
on 14/01/2014
I am not really red-haired but I have many freckles on my face, since I was a child, and my mother has them too so there is not a problem with that right? I have sensitive skin but never have worried about the skin cancer or things like that, but never have felt a pain in them too.

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