Do not overdo your consumption of soda Nicht übertreiben bei dem Konsum  von Erfrischungsgetränken No excedas tu consumo de gaseosa

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Do not overdo your consumption of soda

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Do not overdo your consumption of soda

An increasing number of studies show the toxicity of soda, a sweetened beverage that contributes to the incidence of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and overweight, as well as decreased bone density in our body.

Did you know, for example, that only a glass of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. According to experts, the amount of fructose and glucose, simple sugars present in these substances, are harmful to your metabolism, because they reach the bloodstream faster and increase the percentage of cholesterol in the blood, affecting the arteries.

That's why there are countless protests worldwide where nutritionists recommend not giving soda to children who are the most vulnerable consumer. "Let's fight childhood obesity to help prevent diabetes,"  says one of the World Health Organization (WHO) articles,

Within its basic ingredients, soda essentially contains carbonated water, sweeteners, acidulants which provide the appropriate acidity such as citric acid or phosphoric acid, acid stabilizers, colorants, flavorings, preservatives, antioxidants and thickener.

According to the Peruvian nutritionist Rosa Salvatierra, as well as sweeteners, which are harmful sugars to health, "the colorants and additives" cause allergy problems and even cancer, leading to overweight and obesity associated with diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and other risk factors. "

Yet another component that has been challenged by its negative effects on our skeletal system, is phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium from bones and could lead to osteoporosis, if we consume gas excessively, it will cause bone demineralization, poor absorption of calcium in the body, weakening of the bones and  the possibility of having fractures.

And if despite these warnings, you believe that light soda or diet soda can save you from these damages, that's not true. A group of researchers from the University of Texas conducted a study, monitoring, for nine and a half years to 474 adults, the result was that those who took soda increased waist size by 70% more than the rest.

The article notes that "in-frequent drinkers those who drank two or more diet sodas a day-increased waist by 500% more than those who did not consume it". They found a direct relationship between diet soda consumption and the appearance of body fat.

It is extremely important to watch whatyou drink, especially your children what they drink, since they prefer these products, and may be displacing better food, more natural and beneficial for their growth and development. Avoid abuse of its consumption, in schools and children's parties.

To protect your health, you should stop drinking soda or replace it with pure water and if you want to get more nutrients and vitamins, take water from natural juices, prepare them yourself. Remember that overweight and obesity is a disease that affects more people in industrialized countries and the rate of obese children is increasing rapidly.

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2 Reviews about Do not overdo your consumption of soda
on 19/02/2015
I say...don't drink any soda AT ALL! It's terrible for the body, absolutely terrible. My brother used to drink a two liter of Mountain Dew every day when he was growing up, and by age 26 his teeth were nearly translucent from all the sugar damage, and he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
on 09/12/2012
It's so hard to avoid all kind of sodas because you can find them in every place you go, in every meal even salads or healthy food. It's always better to prefer water instead of other harmful substances for our body. And we should teach our children since they are very little that even though the flavor of soda is tasty, they are bad for bones, teeth and more

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