Do not let Christmas stress you out, enjoy! Kein Stress an Weihnachten, genießen Sie! No dejes que la Navidad te estrese, ¡disfrútala!

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Do not let Christmas stress you out, enjoy!

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Do not let Christmas stress you out, enjoy!

The December holidays are here, and everything gets out of control, the Christmas tree, the lights, the gifts, the Christmas dinner. And work continues for those who are not lucky enough to enjoy holidays at this time. Malls become crazy, you do not find the gift you wanted, you are afraid of gaining weight, you have no desire to see the whole family, and you feel exhausted and feel stress.

The real meaning

Before Christmas becomes insane, breath deep and start again. If we talk about Christmas, it can be defined as nativity or birth; it is also the most important festival of the Christian tradition with Easter.

This day celebrates the arrival and birth of Jesus to earth, who represents and sustains the faith of many people. It’s true, we give our children toys, decorate the house, but rarely have this in mind. Before you splurge money on material things, we must celebrate the profound significance of these dates, share it with those around you and enjoy a real Christmas.

A Christmas to enjoy

It’s not about the best gifts or the best Christmas decorations, it is about celebrating and sharing, change that attitude and let the true Christmas invade yourself.

Selflessly contribute to a cause

You can give gifts to children in orphanages, nothing expensive. Did you know that just a ball can make a child happy?, If you think you can help with gifts, clean your closet, things you no longer use can serve to a needy person in a shelter. Helping others is part of this celebration, and believe it or not, sometimes it’s very rewarding to know that your help will make someone's life better.

Write a letter to someone in need

Whether to congratulate, to apologize, or to say how much you love a person, take a pen and translate your feelings, you can give not only a pleasant surprise to whom the letter is addressed, but also to you. When we express what we want to say, and forgive those who hurt us in the past or simply angered us, we can enjoy more of the time and be more positive in the beginning of this year, do not despise these details.

Light a candle

The light pushes away darkness, and is a symbol of life and warmth in the cold winter. Keep a candle at home in a place out of the reach of children and secure. You can use scented candles, there are some relaxing, like the scent of lavender, which will help your home to stay calm.

Decorate the tree with your family

Decorating the tree does not have to be a stressful activity. Assign each family member a task and do it together. You will be surprised how much fun it can be this work, and on the other hand, can become a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Receive a guest

Every Christmas there is always someone who cannot spend this time with their family, or simply do not enjoy the same benefits that we can enjoy and cannot celebrate, do not hesitate to invite him to share Christmas dinner, remember that it is a time to share and celebrate with friends, family or those around us.

Eat near candlelights or the tree

It may not make sense to you, but admire and diner under a soft light can help reduce stress, if you have kids, this is very useful, you will notice that they have a calming effect, and you can actually enjoy more a quiet and enjoyable dinner.

Give hugs

Do not underestimate the power of hugs, some studies mention that a hug can improve depression, and helps us stay positive, happy and fulfilled. Give hugs to those around you; they don’t cost, and yes, have many benefits.

Let's enjoy this Christmas, and take the opportunity to share and celebrate another year and give thanks for what we have, Merry Christmas to all!

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2 Reviews about Do not let Christmas stress you out, enjoy!
on 01/10/2014
This may sound very selfish, but I do not really celebrate Christmas in a stereotypical fashion because one: I disagree with the consumerism that takes place during the "holidays". It is nauseating. and two: family tends to get stressed out about it, which I don't understand. I would rather not be around people who can't just relax and enjoy their life, so I chose to spend the "holidays" with whomever I want, doing whatever we truly want to do, not what some holiday ritual mandates.
on 27/12/2012
Well, it?s true that Christmas can be a very stressful time for everybody, but that?s because all the ideas that people have put on our minds, that is important to buy anything you see in TV and that you can only make happy our friends and family with gifts and useless things. Christmas has become an awful date and we should enjoy it simply with family just thanking what we have and would have.

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