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Do not abuse the Tanning

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Do not abuse the Tanning

While many women love to be tan as long as possible and hate to see the original color of their skin, feeling pale, unattractive or even ugly, it is necessary to speak loudly on this point. Neither the natural nor the artificial tanning are healthy for our skin, so we cannot abuse any of the two forms, at the risk of contracting a dermatological condition and even cancer.

Tanning beds increase by 50% the chance of skin cancer; if you have white skin, the risk increases more than twice. The tanning method called "lamp" is also included in these dangers to your health.

Although you want to show a nice and tan skin just like artists, remember that there are other ways, perhaps lotions can help, of course you should not abuse, but if you do, after tan you should eat some foods that will maintain your new color longer. We talk about all those natural products with high percentage of beta-carotene such as a raw carrot, watermelon, cantaloupe, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes and Swiss chard.


And speaking of lotions and safer products to achieve a tan, we recommend the one made from sugar cane, although you should not use it excessively, it can cause you some sort of irritation but not like tanning beds. However there are certain steps you should take, and exfoliate your skin before application.

A trick

If you're tanned, another resource to use to seal your new color and make it more sustainable is to use clothing that makes you stand out. If you are blond, use pink and blue. If you are brunette, try reds and corals to enliven your tan. The makeup is also important, but not excessively. Choose a shade that matches your clothes and a matte lipstick, this will enhance your skin.

Sun damage

Natural tan isn’t healthy in any way, now the sun's ultraviolet rays are most damaging and increase the numbers of people in the world with skin cancer for not using sunscreen.

Daily sunscreen use should be essential and correctly. For example, if factor is between 6 to 14, protection is low; from 15 to 29, average; 30-59 high and the factor 50 + is the most suitable protection.

If you go out and do not protect your skin, keep in mind that UV rays boil our cells, annihilate our collagen and elastin fibers, damage DNA and decrease the immune system.

Proper Use

You should apply sunscreen on your face, neck and areas such as feet or ears, many people forget these places and then also get problems. Avoid massaging; apply the cream in a very uniform way over the whole body and face, without trying to penetrate.

The recommended amount of product to be applied is 2 mg per cm 2 skin. That represents six tablespoons, i.e., a tube of 125 ml per person for two days.

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2 Reviews about Do not abuse the Tanning
on 03/01/2015
I've always thought it was so ridiculous that people get worked up about the color of their skin. I really thought we were over skin color when we fought about racial wars that nearly broke our country, and this obsession with tanning is residual obsession with skin color. Tanning is natural, but we should not force it at the expense of our health.
on 27/11/2012
Yeah, I?ve noticed that the sun is getting warmer and hotter every day and if you don?t take the proper care of your skin, then you surely will have skin problems and maybe even cancer, so we must use sunscreen and avoid staying in the sun for hours or tanning.

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