First DLG quality contest for bio-products Das erste Zentrum für Bio-Analyse Primer concurso de calidad DLG para productos biológicos

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First DLG quality contest for bio-products

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First DLG quality contest for bio-products

Under "DLG-Bio 2006” title, the Center for food analysis of German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft eV) is organizing an international bio-quality products contest that will begin in late autumn. The award ceremony will take place during the fair BioFach 2007. For years, the DLG is studying biological products from each of the different sectors. Now, the DLG offers organic producers to be a platform to help strengthen the biological segment. "The value of pleasure is now a crucial factor, in all bio. The products have to be convinced by the taste and imposed versus conventionally produced foods, "says Rudolf Hepp, director of the Center for analysis of food of the DLG.

Until 5-10-2006, registration can be done in the areas of bio-products as sausage, meat, dairy, bakery and confectionery, frozen, prepared meals and delicatessen, as well as fruit juices, beer and wine.

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2 Reviews about First DLG quality contest for bio-products
on 29/10/2014
What is a DLG quality contest? I'm assuming it has something to do with organic agriculture? At any rate, I would also be intertested in learning a few details about who can participate and when the next competition is. I have a fairly large garden growing that I am just about finished harvesting. I would like to enter some of my produce into a competition.
on 08/01/2014
I was wondering if there still exist this contest because I may be interested in participating in it, so please could you give me any information about this or any other contest to show a variety of organic pumpkin that I have developed thinking in the pleasure!

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