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Discovering Aromatherapy

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Discovering Aromatherapy

It is a major branch of alternative medicine which involves a thorough study on how the properties of each essential oil from the plant world can promote amazingly health. The aromatherapy optimizes the capacity of the human olfactory and has benefits of natural and medicinal plants.

Essences Used in Aromatherapy

The essences can be extracted from any part of the plant: from the root (such as ginger, sandalwood, etc.), until the flower (like lavender, chamomile, rose, etc.). Each of these oils has one or more benefits.

Oils and their medicinal qualities

The list of essential oils and their medicinal properties is long, but well worth consulting on a table or book a variety of essences and the benefits that each brings. Each oil brings healing qualities in many diseases. There are oils that help remedy muscle aches, spasms, rheumatism, skin rashes and irritations such as acne, rash, bites, burns, etc. And we also found those that help cardiovascular disease, kidney, liver, stomach, and breathing that can be treated with great effectiveness through this therapy.

Here to share some of these essences:

Lavender or angel of punishment: has excellent antiseptic qualities, analgesic, antibiotic and healing. It is widely used in headache, flu, colds, sinusitis, infections, menstrual cramps and
is almost certain that if we put two drops on the pillow at night, it put us to sleep thanks to that sedative quality.

Camphor: In cases of deep depression, anxiety, nervousness and irritability, camphor appears to be the perfect choice for its antidepressant properties. Helps stimulate the memory, is a good laxative and sedative. Stimulates the digestive system and respiratory system. Helps to stimulate mental awareness.

Oils are highly flexible and there are infinite combinations, in addition, the essential oils can be stored at moderate temperature for an indefinite period taking into account that a substance between older, the better.

Mint: expectorants properties (such as eucalyptus oil), is very effective in cases of breathing problems like bronchitis, acute cough, flu, nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, etc. . It is also vasoconstrictor, analgesic and Carmine. Extremely helpful in indigestion and stomach problems such as cramps and flatulence.

Lemon: An excellent general tonic with antiseptic effects. It stimulates white blood cells (the body's defense system). This oil is truly effective in infections, cuts, wounds, bleeding and respiratory diseases. Its varied qualities make it useful in treating ailments of the circulatory system, gastric acidity, pain, ulcers, liver, pancreas and gums.

Aromatherapy Applications

The benefits of the essences become more virtuous if you apply the correct method. It is important to consider the essence of every precaution before starting any treatment, the doses vary for children, pregnant women, period breastfeeding and sensitive skin. In any case, it is recommended to support and advice from an aroma-therapist specialist who can determine more accurately the overall condition of the individual.

Showing with flower essences is a delightful experience for the mind, body and spirit, it is a very effective way to benefit from aromatherapy. Diluted in warm water. The effects of hot water will be absorbed into the body tissues while the fumes can be inhaled. In the bathroom tub, we recommend using 2 to 8 drops of oil. When the baths are for feet, add 2 to 3 drops in a bucket with hot water. It is recommended to breathe deeply and try to concentrate on the aroma through the nose while taking a bath.

Massage: massages have the ability to stimulate circulation to the muscles and tissues. Natural essences combined with an experience that is actually causing effects and immediate repair. This type of application can be used in problems of constipation, cramps, stress, nervousness, and so on. Besides serving as a great support in cosmetic applications. We recommend a mixture of 2-3% of essential oil into the oil massage.

Inhalation: this is the easiest way to enjoy and benefit from the oils. Simply inhale the fragrance directly from the bottle. You can also add a few drops on your pillow or in a handkerchief (or clothes) so you can smell it throughout the day.

Aromatherapy and skin

Oils have the quality to penetrate the internal layers of the skin (dermis), and possess the ability to stimulate cell regeneration, as well as encourage or calm our own hormones which help to regulate skin functions. Therefore, the oils are used with great effectiveness in creams, facial tonic, cooling lotions, oils, etc. One can add a few drops in your cream, taking care to stir well, and that under no circumstances we recommend the direct application of the undiluted essence. It can be applied in saunas, facials, peels, etc.. The oils that are recommended for each skin type are:

  • Normal skin: Geranium, lavender, neroli, rose.
  • Dry skin: Camomile, neroli, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood.
  • Oily skin: bergamot, cedar, lavender.


There are oils that improve heavily damaged hair with brittle appearance, in addition to regulating the secretion of fat and stimulating the roots.

Recommended for:

  • Dyed hair: The geranium, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Mix 10 to 15 drops per ounce of jojoba oil. Stir well and apply the mixture with the fingertips to give a gentle massage on the scalp. The mixture can be left on the hair or if you prefer, you can apply heat for 30 minutes then rinse.
  • Greasy hair: lavender, cedar, lemon. Mix 5 to 10 drops in 16 ounces of warm water. Use as a rinse after shampoo.
  • Oils of cedar, ylang ylang and rosemary: stimulate hair growth while oil patcholli help eliminate dandruff.

Required Notices

Keep in mind that:

  • Essential oils are for external use only.
  • Not recommended for ingestion (even diluted juice, water, etc.).
  • Even if they are diluted, never apply to the eyes. If irritation or conjunctivitis, you can opt for tea bags of chamomile previously boiled and cooled on the eyelids.
  • For sensitive skin, children and babies, the doses are always less than half of those suggested.

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2 Reviews about Discovering Aromatherapy
on 30/09/2015
If essential oils were not so expensive, I would utilize the benefits of aromatherapy a lot more. Extracting one's own oils however requires a lot of time, equipment, and original product in order to even get anything productive, otherwise I would make my own!
on 10/11/2013
My mother gave me an essential oil of jojoba, she told me that it was a magical oil that works for everything and I was not sure about that but now I am sure that I can use it in my skin and hair to get really good results, so now I am going to thank her a lot haha

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