Discomfort during pregnancy: teas and tips to overcome them Beschwerden während der Schwangerschaft: Tees und Tipps zur Behandlung Malestares en el embarazo: infusiones y tips para remediarlos

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Discomfort during pregnancy: teas and tips to overcome them

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Discomfort during pregnancy: teas and tips to overcome them

Nausea, cramps, back pain, etc., are just some of the discomforts that pregnant women may experience, especially during the first few months of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a natural state of perfect health, but the changes experienced in the body usually bring a number of symptoms. For nine months the mother's body adapts to different situations, both physical and emotional. Below, we give you the herbs that are used to reduce each of them, and very effective remedies for you to enjoy your pregnancy more.

Nausea: One of the most common discomforts, especially the first three months of pregnancy, usually appear at any time of day, although more frequent in the morning. In most cases, it doesn’t appear beyond the third month. Its cause is due to hormonal changes and emotional factors. To help combat this malaise, ginger tea, which is prepared by placing 2-5 drops of tincture of ginger in a cup of hot water, is great. If you get the fresh root, add half a teaspoonful in hot water. Drink two cups a day when you have nausea. This infusion will help you also improve your digestion and prevent vomiting. Infusions of chamomile, mint, mauve and hawthorn are also excellent to combat this symptom.

Vomiting: usually happen because of the stomach intolerance to certain foods. To avoid this, drink an infusion of hibiscus, chamomile or horsetail. 2 or 3 cups a day is sufficient, try to drink them with water as hot as you can.

Fluid retention: if your feet often swell and your legs feel very tense, prepare tea of corn husks. This herb has mild diuretic properties and can be taken two or three times a day. It is necessary, on the other hand, to lower your intake of salt and seasonings over meals.

Heartburn: Indigestion or heartburn is some of the symptoms of heartburn. An effective remedy for this condition is to produce an infusion with 30 grams of lemon and 30 grams of white sage. Chop all ingredients very well. Boil a cup of pure water and then add a teaspoon of the mixture of these herbs. Drink after meals. Avoid processed and refined products, and do not mix white sugar or soft drinks or fruit juices with your meals.

Pyorrhea, swollen gums or canker sores: these conditions tend to happen if there is low intake of vitamin C. You need citrus juices and vegetables to increase your defenses, do not forget that now you have much more quality food because you need more nutrients in your body, if you do not have enough, your baby will resent the deficiency. In addition to including juices and making sure to maintain good oral hygiene, herbs help your gums; prepare an infusion with 50 grams of dried basil leaves or 100 grams of fresh leaves, which have to be soaked in two cups of boiling water. Let boil two minutes, turn off the heat and let stand. Use this tea to wash your mouth and gargle after you've brushed your teeth. Infusion can help you also to combat throat infections.

Fatigue: fatigue is normal, your body is suffering a double wear that was used to, so if you feel sleepy ... do not hesitate to sleep for a while! Now, if you have to do something and need to be more awaken, take an infusion of cinnamon or ginger.

Diarrhea or constipation: the digestive system often tends to have the changes in your body. For diarrhea, it is best to drink a warm glass of plain water with two lemons squeezed. Drink as hot as you can. The lemon tea is also a good remedy. In the case of constipation, drink carrot juice with a half cup of aloe juice (or a small cactus), two glasses a day, without adding sugar or lemon, take it natural. The infusion of Jamaica, Melissa and papaya are good. For both ailments, take one teaspoon of fennel seeds or fresh apple juice at night (you can also eat an apple).

Insomnia: many women suffer it during pregnancy. Insomnia may be due to many causes: stress, anxiety, change, fears, etc. To help decrease it, lower your consumption of refined sugars and derivatives, which degenerate the nervous system. It is true that your skin needs sugar and lots of energy, but refined sugar only makes us overweight and gives energy of poor quality. It is best to take, instead of sugar, fruit, honey or molasses. Fresh apple juice unsweetened has sedative properties, helps to reassure. Another remedy is to drink tea or eat a lettuce salad before bed. Take a relaxing bath with sage or add a few drops to your pillow to relax better. The infusions recommended for insomnia are: valerian, lemon balm, orange, and passionflower.

Nervousness, anxiety or depression: are some of the emotions that may occur during pregnancy, often related as a result of natural changes that are experienced in the body. To smooth these emotions, you can take passionflower for anxiety or nervousness, and mauve tea, lemon balm, linden or valerian for depression. If you feel tense, anxious or nervous, add a teaspoon of royal jelly to one of your tea a day. Take this time to read things that you like, stay distracted knowing new things that can help you feel great when you get your new baby.

Nasal congestion: one of the most frequent and bothersome symptoms. To avoid this, you should drink enough water a day and drink fresh vegetable juice, avoid junk food and processed. The best infusions to help uncover your nose are the eucalyptus, mullein and mint. The propolis and pure honey are ideal for treating diseases of the airways, so do not hesitate to add some of them to your tea, which you should drink as hot as you can.

General Tips to prevent or reduce discomfort

  • Chew food well, slowly and without haste.
  • Take at least 2 liters of pure water a day.
  • Avoid foods that make you nauseous.
  • Sleep if you feel tired.
  • Follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat more times a day and less quantity at each meal.

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3 Reviews about Discomfort during pregnancy: teas and tips to overcome them
on 24/03/2015
What a cute little article! I'm not pregnant yet, and I'm not planning on getting pregnant for a few more years, but my fiance and I are talking about future plans, and I am SO excited to carry a child in my womb. I'm keeping track of good information for the pregnancy, so I'll bookmark this and remember it!
on 29/06/2014
FATIGUE is the problem that I have! I don't know what to do to stop it!, but well, I will follow these advices, everything for my baby
on 12/03/2013
Nice, I?m going to share this with my wife to help her during her pregnancy, since she?s having almost every symptom and she?s suffering, well I try to do my best to help her out but it doesn?t seem to work, so now I will give her my help by preparing her infusion to relax her body and avoid nausea and vomiting.

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