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Diquecito Health Resort

Only a few minutes from the city of Cordoba is BAMBA nature reserve, there is a place where you can enjoy the exclusive services of Diquecito Health Resort.

Diquecito HEALTH RESORT has the warmth and professionalism of a health team and will assess your specific need by helping operators differentiate and treat personal stressors. An integrated and interdisciplinary vision to help identify the most appropriate therapies to help you to achieve a noticeable improvement in their overall health in a few days, harmonizing the physical and emotional aspects.

Here we have an interdisciplinary team of professionals at the highest level, a warm infrastructure, availability of revitalizing activities and relaxation therapies chords, containment and very personalized and uniquely beautiful natural environment.

A feeling of psychophysical wellness, recovery of vitality, energy and motivation to project alternatives generally allow much fuller and healthy life.

Specialized Therapeutic Programs


Losing weight and improving your figure is no longer an unattainable dream. It is entirely possible by the unique dieting programs that are implemented in Diquecito.

The concept of welfare is reflected in this proposal that will allow you a break, relax and rest, resuming contact with yourself, revitalizing your body, soul and spirit.

Intended for any person seeking to achieve an aesthetic improvement either motivated, or with medical advice.


Such programs are designed for those who live immersed in a demanding daily routine.
It is a holistic experience to experience a balance between health, pleasure and welfare. A professional team helps you in this experience in Diquecito.

This proposal draws on activities with nature, conferences and workshops on healthy living, relaxation activities, ecological walks, etc.. while an exquisite gourmet kitchen will delight your palate with colorful, tasty and healthy dishes.

You shall also have the chance to enrich this proposal with a customized menu of relaxation therapies and beauty care (body and face), remain an ideal to be pampered feeling better, living in peace, and pass that magical light that is the perfect combination of health and beauty.


Your five senses will accompany you on a renewing experience, making the time pass more slowly, enjoying deeper experiences and putting your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

The daily WELLNESS put together a customized plan with the ability to enrich it with Wellness Center proposals (body massages, reflexology plant, relaxation therapies, body and facial aesthetics, etc.).


HEALTHY RELAXATION programs are designed specifically to provide a space for all those who live immersed in a demanding daily routine, thus underpinning a high, relax and unwind.

This program is enriched with the benefit of therapies that allow you to quickly renew your strength, strengthen the spirit and feel full again.

Thus, from a medical interview guidance can nurture your experience with physical activities in line with nature, water aerobics, gymnastics revitalization, relaxation therapies, etc. Besides the gourmet kitchen will delight your palate with colorful dishes, prepared with tasty, healthy nutrients designed to strengthen your immune system.

Thus, all five senses perceive not only the benefits but also care, commitment and warmth that has make Diquecito famous.


A sense of wellbeing and energy.


For treatment of stress may consult the psychophysical impact of Stress management program with a minimum of 7 days.

Stress Management 

To feel better and regain balance and vitality, Diquecito developed exclusive Anti Stress Program. Today's society is changing at a rate constant challenge of our ability to respond to a continuous adaptive process, in both physical aspects, psychological and socio-cultural. The stress (distress) is, therefore, the "consequence" or impact on the physical and emotional health caused by the rapid or excessive change that requires a constant adaptation.

How can you significantly reduce your stress with the unique Stress Management program?

The exclusive conception of the Stress Management program of Diquecito becomes for you a warm invitation to spend a few days to allow supervised self-observation from a different perspective, analyzing the stressors to which you are subjected, and review the capacity of response by addressing the effects that have occurred in the body, psyche and relationships.

As a result, you will be given the tools to handle the stress that is under distress and prevent or manage the distress to prevent an unwanted impact on their health.

Environment: Natural Reserve Bamba

Diquecito has a privileged environment. Set amidst the Bamba nature reserve, with a unique microclimate, only 520m.

It is an ideal place to make contact with nature, conduct tours in native forests and trees nourished by crystal clear streams, be amazed by the mountain scents or simply enjoy the peace of the valley accompanied by the sounds of more than one hundred different bird species.

Diquecito Health Resort
Route E-55 km13 - Córdoba - Argentina

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3 Reviews about Diquecito Health Resort
on 29/04/2015
Wow...what a great idea just to go and relax. I feel like even when vacationing, it's easy to get into this mindset of want to go everywhere and see everything, although I think it would be a great idea, if visiting spain, to take a tour here and just BE and RELAX for a while!
on 31/05/2013
I have visited Diquecito and it?s an amazing place even if you just go for the tourism, it is a good place to relax, forget the work and the problems and enjoy a weekend full of alternative therapies to recover you inner energy, totally recommended for people who need a break of this fast world
on 29/06/2010
I went to Cordoba to have a breast augmentation surgery with www.Sublimis.com. They offered me to stay at Diquecito Spa but I decided to stay in a hotel. I am going back on October for another surgery and will definitely check out Diquecito.

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