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Dill Recipes

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Dill Recipes

Dill is an aromatic herb, anise and lemon scent, which besides being very digestible and have antiseptic properties, is very versatile in the kitchen, leaves and fruits are used in cooking as seasoning, occupies a prominent place in the kitchen for its delicious flavor is unmatched by any other herb. Because it has a pronounced flavor is recommended to be used in moderation and intelligence, so as not to undermine or improperly mixed with the flavor of other herbs. Canned vinegar is often used with the laurel, the nebrinas and pepper. Dill is recognized primarily by its affinity with the fish and their use in pickles.

To learn more about Dill, its uses and applications in health and cooking, check out this link:

Dill potatoes

• 1 kg. potatoes
• 50 gr. flour
• 70 gr. butter
• 1 lt. milk
• Salt and pepper
• Nutmeg
• 1 / 2 pill broth
• 80 gr. dill

1. Boil the potatoes in a pot with water and once tiernicen, cut into small pieces.
2. Meanwhile, mix the butter (melted) together with the flour. Add the milk gently to mix well. Season with the nut, pepper, a pinch of salt and bouillon cube.
3. Pour this into a saucepan and bring to a boil.
4. Place potato pieces in a dish and pour the sauce over. Sprinkle the dill and bake for 5 minutes.

Dill Marinated Salmon

• 600 gr. very fresh salmon in a thick slice
• 150 gr. coarse salt
• 50 gr. sugar
• fresh dill
virgin olive oil

1. Ask the fishmonger to remove the spine of the salmon, but leave the skin. Put some salmon on a dish with the skin side down and cover with salt and sugar mixed together and spread over a few sprigs of fresh dill. Top with the other fillet skin side up.
2. Place salmon on aluminum foil and a wooden board with a weight on top (some boats may be preserved). Keep in the refrigerator about 12 hours, turning every 6 hours.
3. After that, wash the salmon under the tap to remove salt, dry thoroughly with a clean cloth and put it on the table with the skin side down.
4. Cut thin slices with a sharp knife flush with the skin. Place in a dish, sprinkle a few drops of oil and fresh dill leaves. Serve with slices of rye bread smeared with butter.
5. If the salmon takes too much salt can be recovered by putting it in as if it were soaked cod, dried and served with a sauce as indicated.

Romero and Gold Soup Dill

• Gold: 1 unit
• Fresh rosemary 1 teaspoon
• Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
• Olive oil: 1 teaspoon
• Sea salt 1 pinch
• Dill: 1 teaspoon
• Chopped parsley: 1 tablespoon
• Red Endive: half piece
• Cherry tomatoes: 8 units
Honey: 1 teaspoon
• Water: 1 Tablespoon

1. While the fish is cleaned checking that it is free of scales and discarding the head and bones.
2. Gold opens (if not open to clean) and sprinkle with rosemary.
3. Steamed and, once cooked, carefully placed on a serving platter.
4. Aside in a bowl, put the lemon juice, oil and salt. If the bowl has a lid, cover and shake to make it well mixed. If you have no lid, mix vigorously with a kitchen rods.
5. When the ingredients are well mixed and bound, are poured over the golden. Then sprinkle the dill and parsley and serve. On the other hand, cleaned escarole and cut into pieces for salads. Also wash the tomatoes and leave whole. In addition, honey is diluted with a tablespoon of water until it takes the texture of a dressing.
6. Fish is served with salad of endive with tomatoes and sprinkle the salad with water and honey dressing

Cream of Cucumber and Dill

(Particularly for diabetes)
5 servings
• 1 kilo of peeled cucumber
• 200 grams of yogurt
• 2 tablespoons dill, fresh and finely chopped
• Salt and pepper to taste
1. Cut cucumbers lengthwise and remove seeds. Chop the cucumber into cubes and take a cucumber pearls for decoration.
2. Blend cucumber cubes with yogurt and pass through a fine sieve. Season to taste and add the dill.
3. Refrigerate at least two hours. Garnish with cucumber pearls and a little chopped dill.

Basmati Rice to Dill

• 250 gr. basmati rice
• 5 tablespoons dill, chopped (I put it cool, but if not, dry)
• 150 gr. dry beans, peeled,
• Water and sea salt.

1. Wash the rice very well 4-5 times dripping water, to release all the starch, let it soak for at least 10 min. in the pot where you're going to cook, more time if nothing happens. Cook the dried beans with a little salt and water that covers them. Meanwhile, cook rice in which we added salt and dill, if it is "al dente" should not be cooked at all, that is certainly not as a paste, drain the rice and set aside in the strainer, while baked finish beans, when cooked, put in pot 1 tablespoon margarine (I always use corn), pour a generous layer of rice and another layer of beans, and ending with rice, mix a little rice and pile the back of the spoon and palette, but loosely under the pot to a heat spreader, place the lid of the pot, which we will put a cloth tied to absorb the steam, place the pot in the smaller fire with the flame to minimum and let it toast the bottom layer as about 30 min.

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1 Reviews about Dill Recipes
on 16/12/2014
Dill is such an interesting aromatic herb!! I remember one time I opened a box of triscuits that had a sample of dill seeds tucked inside the inner flap of the box, and I grew some in my garden that year! I was surprised at how many uses there are for dill...including making your own dill pickles! Thanks for these magnificent recipes, I'll have to grow more dill now!

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