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Diets low in calories

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Diets low in calories

If you've thought about doing a new diet this year, if you want to lose weight or take care of winning more kilos, and have considered in your diet to include foods low in calories or light, it would be good to look at the following. These products, so fashionable at the moment, basically the only thing they do is hide the sun with a finger.

Refined sugar that dietitians are trying to avoid at all costs is actually harmful and highly addictive, in addition to encouraging a host of diseases, not only alters, but obstructs and undermines the healthy functioning of glands, systems and cause all sorts of allergies, has a very severe and noticeable effect called fat, which is that refined sugar is stripped of all its nutrients, and a carbohydrate to be no purpose, the body turns it into fat.

The sweeteners (sugar substitutes), seem to be born precisely to avoid, especially the latter accordingly. However, this is a really poor choice of basis and they really are very poor, we believe that light industry products avoid the consumption of fat, but this is completely wrong. A majority of light addictive products produce a kind of habituation in the body that forces the consumer to need food and drink more sweet. The result is that increasingly seems to need a little more sweet, and goes, buys and consumes greater quantities of these products.

The saccharin, aspartame, cyclamate, sucralose and acetodulfamo K are synthetic substances, chemical process, or modification of natural substances such as sucralose, which gives a sweet taste food and beverages.

If you take a light refreshment, if sweeten food, coffee, tea or anything with sugar diet, this does not mean you are preventing obesity. This is not dieting, but you're giving your body more chemicals that can be just as harmful and detrimental than white sugar.

Deception in the body

If you constantly eat light foods and drinks, you feel the need of the sweet, and in fact what we do is fool the body, because every time you enter a carbohydrate (fresh), a hormone that detects this entry. The body thinks it entered the blood glucose. When entering glucose, glycogen deposit becomes fat.

The sweetener has a sweetness even more intense than that of glucose itself, but the difference is that it does not provide energy. So, when the body recognizes the sweet taste (the sweetener) but then finds that it is unable to perform it duties with this element (because it's not really sugar) then all it can do is turn the little glycogen in fat, is increased adipose tissue.

Addition to this, when the body detects that it is glucose that entered the body, it sends a message of need for glucose, which stimulates appetite, and one on a whim just those foods that have calories (which is energy for the body). The consumption of products low in calories and 0% fat, or light, is a vicious circle, harmful to health, but especially with the increase of fat deposits.

It is for this reason that doctors and dietitians are aware of this.

Replacing white sugar

Sugar can be substituted for natural forms: the brown sugar, honey, sugar in fruit, are alternatives that do not cause harm, which are highly digestible for the body because, indeed, glucose is natural to the body (the honey is predigested glucose by bees, so it is very recommended).

Losing Weight

If you really want to lose weight, you should consider that it is not a product that will make you lose weight, but consuming the right foods, in their due time and with a good mix for this. If you are overweight, it means you've been carrying a bad diet, bad eating habits, a bad combination of foods. You need to change your habits and foods you consume. In fact, you won’t lose weight if you stop eating. This will create more overweight because the body thinks that there is a shortage of supplies, generates fat deposits every time you eat as a reserve.

Remember that the food you eat is more powerful than anything you can take, is not even necessary to do long exercise routines if your food and how it is done is correct. So if you must take this very is that the light products based diets do not work.

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1 Reviews about Diets low in calories
on 21/09/2015
Artificial sweeteners, or artificial anything is just SO awful for the body! Ijust hate going to restaurants and seeing how easy it is for people to order foods that are just making them sick, and they don't even think about it! There definitely needs to be more information like this out in public.

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