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Water Diet: The inner Healing Bath

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Water Diet: The inner Healing Bath

The body is made up of 80% water; moisture depends on the proper functioning of all organs and systems. A man of normal health excretes through sweat and urine about two liters of water a day. Where did the man take this water to remove it? Well, a largely part from vegetables and fruits, but mostly it’s the water we drink. If we wouldn’t drink water, the body will suffer from a dangerous shortage because the body begins to extract water from fluids or body fluids, causing a series of severe imbalances in the body such as the impoverishment of the blood, which would be a major cause of ailments and diseases of all kinds.

However, the wisdom of the nature of the body, with a water shortage, doesn’t attack first the essential humors or body fluids such as blood or lymph, but it forces the body to absorb or reduce its activity " save water ", so then we can feel exhausted, tired, listless or even depressed. This causes water deficiency, moreover, that the stool to harden, so it may appear constipation and all the diseases derived, such as blood poisoning, dyspepsia, allergies of all kinds, infections, skin problems of all kinds, overweight, fevers, wear of organs and systems, etc.
If we examine the dietary habits of healthy people, those who do not get sick or infected, we will realize that one of their main habits is to drink enough pure water.

Water Diet  

The elixir of youth and health has been sought for centuries, but perhaps we have always had it in front of the eyes, the problem is that sometimes we put aside the most simple and obvious. Water is one of the great gifts of nature, if we take enough water, we may not have to deal with a myriad of diseases and health problems such as fat, for example.

How much water you have to drink on this diet?

A person should drink about two liters of pure water a day. These two liters of water must be distributed as follows:

  • 2 liters of pure water
  • Half liter of water or more made from vegetables and fresh fruit

Soft drinks, fruit juices, processed or refined don’t help us, because these products are loaded with toxins, and much of the water they contain is used precisely to eliminate these aggressive substances in the body. The two liters of water should be pure.

Regarding the fruit, we should eat each day three pieces of fresh fruit and 4 of steamed or fresh vegetables. For the fruit, it is necessary to eat them alone, without combining with other foods, to make better digestion and prevent your blood sugar to ferment food in the stomach, causing alcohol and improper digestion.

You cannot expect that a person is healthy when only drinks a pint of pure water a day or less.

How to drink two liters of pure water?

Of course, you should not drink all this water of a milestone. The correct way is to take small portions of it during the day, from glass to glass. A very healthy habit is to start the day by drinking a glass or two of warm water or as hot as possible, because the warm water stimulates the bowels and helps the stool to pass easily. In addition, the warm or hot water fasting stimulates liver and kidney functions.

What are the benefits of this diet?

  • Daily, it cleanses accumulated toxins and fats in the body
  • Helps you lose weight significantly
  • Combat fatigue, depression and lack of energy
  • Helps fight allergies
  • Helps to combat skin problems of all kinds
  • Decrease the risk of getting sick because it strengthens the immune system
  • It helps better absorption of nutrients and prevent severe anemia and its consequences
  • Helps fight skin problems, even the most severe

Can you drink water during the meal?

This question has caused much controversy: while some agree that it's OK to drink water, others say you should not drink water as this dilutes the gastric juices and digestion becomes more difficult and late.

In fact, it is best to drink water before meals, but if one is thirsty in the food, do not deprive the body. You can drink small sips of water with food, avoiding soft drinks and juices or sugary drinks in mealtimes. It is best to have warm water, as a herbal tea, especially if chamomile or mint, which help digestion. In fact, water that is drunk during meals directly enters the bloodstream, which does not affect digestion. However, when the water is very cold, the stomach is often limited.

What if I don’t get thirsty?

Never mind. One is accustomed to going to drink water when you feel thirsty. However, when the body is thirsty, it is already entered a period of dehydration. It is best to drink water at certain times, but not when we are thirsty. For example, we can get the habit of every time you reach the street or going out, drink water, or whenever we go to the bathroom, after take a full glass.

The body will love this water intake; you will start to notice some wonderful health improvements, like having a nice skin, which began to be more fresh and young. In addition, you'll see as you start to feel better, more lively and energetic.

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2 Reviews about Water Diet: The inner Healing Bath
on 05/12/2014
You know...I have been "concerned" about cancer for quite some time now, and I do a lot of research about what is currently known about cancer, treatment, development, etc., and I whole-heartedly believe that drinking plenty of water is one of the key ingredients to preventing cancer. It keeps the body cleansed, thereby preventing the accumulation of toxins, which ultimately lead to abnormal cell growth.
on 22/03/2013
I have read a lot of your articles and you recommend taking 2 liters of pure water in almost all of them, so I think this is a serious issue, we should follow this recommendation! And even though this is not a real diet, drinking water can multiply the effects of other diets and even gain a healthier body, more than you expected, do not hesitate and try to drink more water daily!

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