Diet, recipes and home remedies for fibroids (fibroids or ovarian cysts) Ernährung, Rezepte und Hausmittel gegen Myome (oder Zysten) Dieta, recetas y remedios caseros para miomas (fibromas o quistes de ovario)

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Diet, recipes and home remedies for fibroids (fibroids or ovarian cysts)

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Diet, recipes and home remedies for fibroids (fibroids or ovarian cysts)

Fibroids are a benign tumor that grows at the expense of the muscular layer of the uterus, it is not cancerous, its appearance and growth is fueled by estrogen due to a hormonal imbalance. Obese women tend to have high levels of estrogen due to excess fat, which predisposes them to developing fibroids, although women who are not obese may also have fibroids. Other causes that may determine the onset of fibroids is the age and emotional states of women as a constant stress, anxiety, self-criticism, self-imposed, etc. Also, a careless diet and poor eating habits can help encourage their emergence.

Fibroids often disappear on their own, do not need surgery or even take medication, in most cases, emotional balance and harmony combined with a balanced diet, can help with great success to disappear and prevent them from growing, no matter how old you are.
Here are some recipes and diet recommended for women with fibroids or to prevent it:

Recommended Diet:

Avoid refined white flour and bread, black tea and coffee, refined sugar and products (soft drinks, canned juices, etc.), these foods are harmful to the nervous and endocrine systems, fried sausages (they contain too many preservatives that activate cells cancer), cow milk products (except cottage cheese and fresh), and low maximum consumption of red meat. Include in your diet, fish, fresh vegetable juice with tomato, carrots, sprouts, chlorophyll (a teaspoon a day) and garlic (good while fasting), pollen, royal jelly and green tea infusions. Goji berries are also excellent tonics that help prevent cell damage.

Home remedy for fibroids and ovarian cysts


  • 1 teaspoon of honey 100% natural
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon of pollen
  • 1 glass of pure water
  • 1 cup of aloe pulp or juice, or a small cactus

Mix all ingredients in blender until well crushed. Drink fasting, slowly.

Cleansing diet

If you have fibroids or want to prevent, try a cleansing diet. Choose a fruit (like grapes, apples, papaya, etc.), and eat it only for 2 days without eating anything else. During the diet you should drink at least 2 liters of pure water. If you get diarrhea, abdominal pain, or headache, etc. it is normal, your body is being debugged, do not stop the diet if you think these symptoms "are bad".

Home remedy to remove tumors or fibroids in the uterus


  • 2 corns
  • 5 banana leaves
  • 5 sheets of achiote
  • 2 quarts of water


Boil water and add the ingredients, boil for 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Let stand about 10 minutes and strain. Drink cups of tea during the day.

Anti-Fibroids juice


  • 1 piece of fresh, raw beet
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic
  • Half a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice

Pass beet and garlic through extractor and mix with fresh carrot juice. Add the honey and drink the juice daily, resting once a week.

Evening Primrose Oil and fibroids

Evening primrose oil or evening primrose is a plant which, among other things, is used to great effect to balance the metabolism and for proper production of hormones that regulate many functions of our body as well as the proper functioning cells of the body, nervous system and endocrine system. Evening primrose oil contains essential omega-6, linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. In women, it was found that its use is very effective in combating, among other things, PMS, bloating, infertility, anxiety, irritability, and solves and prevents ovarian cysts and fibroids.

Other foods effective in combating and preventing fibroids:

  • Papain, which is extracted from the papaya and is really effective aid to combat fibroids. For therapeutic application, the papaya should be eaten fasting, not combined with any other food, wait half an hour before eating anything else.
  • Pineapple pulp and the heart contain substances effective for deletion of fibroids. Eat the pineapple fasting, fresh, not sweetened with anything.
  • The avocado and vitamin E-rich foods are very helpful.
  • Garlic: raw garlic at night or morning is a powerful remedy to eradicate fibroids, antibiotic substances. Cleansing and antioxidant properties of garlic act as one of the best natural medicines.

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14 Reviews about Diet, recipes and home remedies for fibroids (fibroids or ovarian cysts)
on 06/08/2016
What would be the effect of eating egg whites instead of the whole egg?

Thank you

on 07/08/2015
Hi.I'd like to ask snack recipes.I'm pregnant and having fibroid problems and still looming for good diet during in between in a day after few hours of meal.thank you so much...
on 19/06/2015
I have a friend who has fibroid n she don't want to go for surgery. Pls what can she do or take to be fibroid free.

on 15/12/2016
I have uterine fibroid and do not want to go for surgery what will I do to remove it naturally
on 22/03/2015
Oh wow! I really wish I had read this a few months ago!! One of my friends had cystic fibrosis, and she actually had to have surgery to remove the fibroids, which was very painful, and obviously very scar to go through. I wouldn't be surprised if this were just a temporary solution to the problem, so I'll pass this on!
on 11/11/2014
I found that I have Uterine fibroids, that makes me very sad , i need your help pls is it possible to treat and get rid of it and get pregnant?

Please help me.

on 10/11/2014
I am newly married and after trying to get pregnant I found that I have Uterine fibroids, 3/3/cm that i am very sad for, i need your help that is it possible to treat and get rid of this disease and get pregnant. what to do i am too much sad please give me good advice.

on 12/09/2014
I live in Malaysia. Can you please explain, What is the meaning of drink fasting,slowly?
on 06/03/2013
My sister has these problems in her uterus and even though she doesn?t have a lot of pain, she complains when doing certain activities so I will recommend her this article to help her out and try to disappear these fibroids in her body, I hope that she finds this interesting as me.
on 16/02/2013
What if i am a vegan? I do not use any honey or bee pollen...
on 27/05/2014
I have just spotted the information and recipes. I intend to start it immediately I believe afterwards I wiil have something on which I wiil base my review by now I do not have any experience to talk about
on 17/04/2012
I am a nigerian and I have fibroid can I eat plantain and garri (cassava)
thank you.

on 01/04/2014
I have fibriod, can I eat plaintain, plaintain flour, pap, popcorn, I'm a Nigerian
on 06/12/2010
I live in the UK, pls could you tell me where I could get plantain leaves and achiote.

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