Diet of purification and rejuvenation in eleven days Reinigungs und Verjüngungs Diät in elf Tagen Dieta de purificación y rejuvenecimiento en once días

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Diet of purification and rejuvenation in eleven days

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Diet of purification and rejuvenation in eleven days

There are many diets that work today because they provide the body with less food and better quality, and all diets increase the intake of fresh foods like vegetables and fruits, as well as the consumption of pure water. The diet, which is then proposed, is designed to purify the body and help remove all these toxic wastes which affect health and are manifested in the body. This diet not only helps reduce and eliminate fat over-the body, but helps the body eliminate toxins or substances that may be attached to the intestines and cannot be eliminated due to a high degree of toxicity in the body. With this diet the body recover from nutritional deficiencies, optimizes the functioning of the immune system, reinforcing defenses, cleans blood and internal organs, helps to eliminate the predisposition to allergies, chronic colds will fade away completely, the headaches hampers, the tissues are nourished and reflects a hair and skin healthy and young, in general the whole body restores, rejuvenates and strengthens. This diet is for people sick or frail health, those prone to allergies, colds, headaches, etc.

The diet consists of:

Choosing a day in advance of commencement. The body must be prepared to follow the diet for eleven days without a break, so you should choose a date when the diet can be carried out without complications, it can be, for example, in a vacation. This diet, like any other, requires some resolve and not to yield to the demands of the body and the palate that will insist on eating more and more things. However, if the diet is respected as such, the results are so encouraging that one might choose to make it once every two months to keep the body purified and strengthened.

Note: If you are beginner in dieting, it is best not to despair you break the diet at some point. Always applaud your efforts and start at some other time.

First day

Breakfast: The first day should be consumed fruit in the morning, preferably citrus, and do not mix with any other food.

Lunch: Any soup or broth at this time, accompanied by a salad or a fresh vegetable juice. If the hunger is intense, two broths can be consumed.

Dinner: Any vegetable. It can be a salad of steamed vegetables, salad or fresh vegetables. If you want the salad dressing, you can only useolive oil, lemon and salt.

Second day

On this day you are only permitted to eat fruit. You should prefer the citrus in the morning, at noon a fruit salad to choose (unless citrus). You can dress the salad with honey and some nuts. At night, choose only one fruit and consume all you want. The apple is ideal for the night.

The Following three days

In the three days that follow are only allowed vegetables. So perhaps this is where your will is tested. Prepare all salads that may be worth all the combinations, the only rule is that raw vegetables should go to lunch. You can dress your salad with olive oil, salt and lemon. If you get hungry between meals you can eat vegetables, but meals are not more than five a day.

The last six days

Breakfast: Select a fruit or juice and take it in a salad with honey.

Lunch: a salad of steamed vegetables (do not cook too much) and a broth to choose

Dinner: A salad of fresh vegetables and broth. The salad can be substituted with a raw vegetable juice like tomato, carrot, and so on.

Before bedtime: Choose a fruit and drink either in juice or salad.

Remember that health depends on a conscious effort by a group of our habit. So this diet should be accompanied, to the extent possible, with exercise. A walk in the morning, jogging, biking, etc., are ways to support our body strengthen and rejuvenate. It is important that once the diet is completed, make an effort not to eat excessively, i.e. not completely fed up, but so that you feel comfortable and lightweight. One of the most frequent causes of a sickly, weak and withered is the excessive consumption of food, besides being bad combination, is not sufficient nutritional elements. 

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2 Reviews about Diet of purification and rejuvenation in eleven days
on 14/09/2015
11 days sounds like a short amount of time, but man! when you are cleansing and really strictly watching your diet, those are some LONG eleven days!! At the beginning of septmeber I did a two week Ayurveda cleanse for Fall, and it was much harder than I thought it would be.
on 06/10/2013
Many people believe that jut women want to follow a diet of this type but many men are worried about their health as well and I am one of them, so I have opted for trying this diet if I got the will, but the next vacation, I think before Christmas, to enjoy of a healthy body during the holydays

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