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Diet of Rice and Fruit

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Diet of Rice and Fruit

This diet is made especially for people who enjoy excellent health and who are lovers of the fruit. It is free of sodium and chloride, due to the amount of rice is consumed. It is recommended that this diet is performed not more than 30 days.

The amount of brown rice to cook for a day: The average is about 300g of raw rice.

Brown rice must not be cooked as white rice, but it must be, once washed and drained, cooked using a thick-based saucepan with sealing. You must use cold water (2 or 3 times as much that the rice). Then leads to boiling point, about five minutes. Let it cook over low heat with the pan closed until the water evaporates.

For rice, try to use salt, but for the fruit you can use honey, brown sugar and a little cinnamon.


A large glass of orange juice, grapefruit (grapefruit) or apple. In all cases, the juice should be natural. A bowl (deep and wide) of rice with a little honey mixed with fruit cut into slices. Bananas or dried fruit are not recommended.

At mid-morning:

An apple, orange or other fruit in season.


A bowl of rice seasoned with cinnamon and raisins. A cocktail of fruit with honey.


A fruit, other from the one selected in the morning. You can eat a banana, if you have a good appetite.

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3 Reviews about Diet of Rice and Fruit
on 19/10/2015
I love it. I love simple food philosophies that are fresh and organic. I think this style of eating does have a lot to do with health, and it is very health promoting, especially if you make an effort to eliminate any of the preservatives or artificial additives to "foods" we currently eat.
on 18/11/2013
The diet seems pretty easy, combining rice and fruit, maybe that is why the Asian people are so skinny, because their diet is mainly based on those ingredients, so thanks for sharing, I will share it with all my friends too, and I hope this can work to help you reduce size and weight
on 01/06/2014
THAT THOUGHT CROSSED MY MIND TOO! hahaha we are connected! kidding, but maybe THAT is the reason for their health

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