Infallible Diet for Beautiful Skin Diät für eine gesunde Haut Dieta Infalible para la Piel Bella

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Infallible Diet for Beautiful Skin

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Infallible Diet for Beautiful Skin

They say that to the bad weather, good face. And if the skin on your face does not reflect the health and beauty you would like, it's time to put to work. The skin, especially the hands and face, perhaps need more care because it is most exposed to sunlight, air, cold and all these other environmental factors that are deteriorating it.

For a beautiful and healthy skin, it is necessary to take on a variety of patterns ranging from adequate to have a good cleaning of the face at night, good hydration and moisture to keep very clean and intestines in a good functioning. This is where this article will focus on cleansing the body, as if the body is intoxicated or has excessive fats, sugars and waste items that could not be removed, the skin will be the first in manifest.

So here we give you a foolproof diet for noting in short time a big difference in the health and beauty of your face, and without having to invest large sums of money.

You need to know before starting the diet:

1. This diet has a duration of 21 days: Do not worry for the holiday season because it is actually a diet that does not require great sacrifices, but rather a lot of will and training habits. You'll see that it's worth, and if you start now, for the festival will have a new face.

2. First, to restore health and beauty to your skin is that you know that your intestines are accumulating over time a number of toxins that often cannot be eliminated because the diets are high in saturated fats, sugars and processed products. Where many toxins accumulate, the body must find a way to purify, so that makes it through the skin. Also, if your intestines are very saturated, minerals and vitamins from food cannot be exploited at all, so this will bring problems of all kinds, among which is unhealthy dull, dry skin and premature wrinkles.


First food in the morning: citrus are scrubbers food par excellence. So the first thing to do is take half a liter of citrus in the morning and fasting. It can be orange, tangerine, or lemon. If you choose the latter, squeeze the juice of two lemons and put in 1 cup of warm water and drink. The important thing is that you drink a different citric every day, on Monday chose the orange, lemon Tuesday, Wednesday grapefruit, etc.. You can repeat the fruit but should not be the same two days running.

Breakfast time: avoids cow's milk and red meat or sausage. After breakfast take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

A lunch menu: you can choose anything, but you need to accompany the meal with a salad rich in vegetables. The salad can be substituted for a pint of fresh vegetable juice, which include the carrot and alfalfa at least four times a week. It is very important not to eat any dessert at the food and water sweetened. If anything, a few sips of water.

To avoid being thirsty for lunch, take a half liter of water before the meal, which will circulate during the day. This water will need to add 6 tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll.

You should not eat anything until after two hours, where if you get hungry or want a dessert, you choose a fruit or a peanut bar, amaranth candy or something that does not contain sugar white and not fried.

It is important that you make the dinner 2 hours before bedtime. Remember that if you do not sleep well your skin cannot be repaired and well nourished at night, and if dinner a lot, your body will be busy in digestion. Dinner is what you want but avoid fried, and sweet and what is derived from cow's milk.

Before sleeping, you should eat an apple, and at this hour you must have drunk all day at least 2 liters of water and half with chlorophyll.

Do not forget at bedtime to clean your face with mineral water for your skin to breathe well throughout the night. Apply a bit of aloe gel to help moisturize and repair the dermis.

If you feel any "weird" symptoms with this diet, belly pain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc., do not be scared, because your body is clean and has many times these reactions. Lets be clear as this is the primary objective of this diet. Remember that any process of adaptation requires certain settings.

If you keep this diet 21 days, you will start seeing results. If you do not see, your body may need some more time debugging, you should maintain the diet as long as you can to see that your skin recovers, indicating that the diet to meet its mission.

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2 Reviews about Infallible Diet for Beautiful Skin
on 20/09/2014
That's so cool that this is a 21 day diet! I just started the other day a 45 day ayurvedic cleanse, and it sounds something fairly similar to these suggestions, only you need to eliminate all harmful foods (of course), like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and meats, and include well cooked foods, along with meditaiton. Thanks for the great artcile!
on 27/08/2013
The same diet that you have explained over and over and yet even though it is very helpful and all, you should recommend more food or recipes to help us out when doing a diet, just a recommendations for the articles, well, anyway thanks for keeping the work done

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