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Diet for People with Human Papillomavirus

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Diet for People with Human Papillomavirus

The human papillomavirus is a virus that is contagious to both men and women who are prone to infection. There are over a hundred variants of types of this virus, but many of them do not cause reactions or symptoms and usually disappear.

However, there are some types of the virus that cause different symptoms and reactions such as skin warts, usually on the hands and feet, changes in the lining of the cervix which must be addressed to prevent them from becoming cancerous. Some people can carry the virus without knowing it and cause infections, which can occur through genital contact with someone infected, even if there is no penetration, weak immune system and a poor understanding of anger or rage, which cumulatively in the body not only lowers the defenses but predisposes to all sorts of infections.

What to do?

The main thing is to lower the level of toxemia in the body so that the blood and intestines are purged, it is known that the disease is forged in the intestines as well in a highly acidic blood, so you have to follow a diet to purify your body and lower the level of susceptibility to infections.

What is the best diet to follow?

We suggest a diet eating only pineapple and water. For starting this introductory diet, you need to choose a day that you're relaxed and start by taking two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Then, keep ready a fresh pineapple and eat it during the day. If your tongue scalds, drink some water, don’t add salt or anything sweet, eat it raw and don’t combine it with anything else. Drink water dosed during the day. If you have any symptoms such as stomach pain or headache is that a healing crisis is occurring and is removing toxins. In this case, don’t stop the diet. Some people may have vomiting during this diet, in this case, suspend and take vegetable broth with rice; often the body is too saturated with toxins and can have a more pronounced reaction. Restart the diet the next day with papaya instead of pineapple.

After the introductory diet:

Not Recommended Foods: We recommend a diet free of flour or refined sugars, no sodas, sugary juices, white bread, etc. It is also important to avoid all dairy products from animals, avoid irritants such as vinegar, coffee, chocolate, etc. and sausages. Products with added colorings and preservatives should be avoided as well.

What foods are best to heal the body?

  • It is very important to include foods rich in vitamin C and A to increase defenses. The orange, carrot and lemon are the best, so drink the juice of these fruits, at least two glasses a day (see proposed curative menu).
  • Prefer vegetable milk instead of cow's milk, the rice and oats milk are highly recommended.
  • Vegetables should be eaten steamed or raw so you can keep all their properties.
  • To sweeten, use honey or brown sugar.
  • The five foods you should not miss in your daily diet are: raw garlic, onion, fresh ginger, cranberries and carrots.

Healing Menu:

FASTING: a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed or green tea with lemon juice.

BREAKFAST: Fruit Plate with papaya, pineapple or grapes, just choose a fruit and eat it with a little granola or muesli. Do not eat anything else, wait 30 minutes and then you can eat.

LUNCH: veggie sandwich or vegetable tortilla.

FOOD: Soup of steamed vegetables with brown rice or fresh salad with grilled chicken or fish or pasta with steamed vegetables.

BETWEEN MEALS: fresh vegetable juice, carrot with alfalfa or carrots with ginger.

DINNER: cup oat milk with wheat toast or pita bread smeared with buttermilk.

GENERAL NOTE: daily drink two liters of pure water, take a clove of raw garlic either fasting or at night, and avoid sweeten food. Use raw onion in salads. You can include foods like amaranth pancakes, potato, etc., omelet with vegetables and vegetable soups, etc.

Food supplements against VHP: liquid chlorophyll, echinacea, green tea, etc.

Mental diet: it is important that you review the feelings of irritation you have and learn to understand the anger as a feedback, do not generate a lot of expectations on others because then you tend to irritate if these ideals are not met, it is best to focus on your life and happiness and learn new things about your health and practice yoga.

Exercise: work at least 10 minutes daily, exercise lowers blood in your body which is important for a healthy immune system, also creates endorphins which will help in your speedy recovery and circulation of nutrients and oxygen to be strong throughout your body.

Alternative therapies: try therapies such as reflexology, acupuncture and bio massage which may help make your healing complete.

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2 Reviews about Diet for People with Human Papillomavirus
on 15/11/2014
Really interesting article. I was particularly interested in readinga little bit more about this HPV stuff because I, like so many other girls, had the HPV vaccine administered before I was really even old enough to have an opinion about it, and then just a few years afterwards news came out that girls were dying from the vaccine!
on 05/03/2013
Amazing information, it?s good to know that you can carry this virus that affect many people especially women, so even though you have it, you can control or even stop it by following the proper diet and recommendations, so do not hesitate if you feel one of the symptoms and try the recommendations explained here.

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