Diet for people with colon cancer (and how to prevent it) Diät für Menschen mit Darmkrebs (und wie man diesen verhindern kann) Dieta paliativa para Cáncer de Colon (y cómo prevenirlo)

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Diet for people with colon cancer (and how to prevent it)

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Diet for people with colon cancer (and how to prevent it)

If you really want to cure and eradicate colon cancer, you need to consider your diet as it is one of the bases to get healthy, the disease will go the way at the time you remove the cause that is generating it, and the way how you eat and how you feel is important.

Colon cancer is a disease where cancerous cells form in the tissues of the intestine, which is part of the digestive system. One of the functions of the intestine is to eliminate waste and toxins and absorb nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, water, etc., of what you eat.

The symptoms of this condition are:

  • Bloodstained stools or very thin
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea or frequent constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Depression or irritation (bad mood)
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason
  • Intestinal polyps

What causes this disease?

  • A careless diet is one of the root causes of this condition: the lacks of fiber, water, or food that help to evacuate generate bowel obstruction which can lead to this condition. Food intake of irritating and refined carbohydrates, too heavy meals or mismatched food may predispose this condition because the food may spend too much time in the intestine and fermentations and decompositions affect the gut.
  • Lack of exercise and intestinal motility: which make lazy bowels and frequent problems of absorption and elimination; this wears and weakens the intestine and colon.
  • Eating with anxiety, anger, haste, etc.., prevents the proper digestive process and the gut gets tense.
  • The frequent and prolonged irritation and resentment, keeping or not to releasing feelings or experiences that are not constructive are one of the emotional causes that predispose colon cancer.

What is the recommended diet?

The main thing to cure this condition is to make a deep cleansing diet for a week. It detoxify intestine and lower the acidity of the blood, it is recommended to start with a diet for 7 days, choosing only a fruit and follow the instructions:

Special diet to cure colon cancer

Duration: seven days

Healing crisis during the diet: it is important to know before starting that you can have symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, rash, etc., and this is normal. Your body is eliminating toxins and these symptoms are related to this. If you feel that the symptoms are strong, then you must eat a vegetable stock or broth with rice and chamomile tea, if you have strong abdominal pain. Symptoms mean that strong mobilization of toxins has been very fast and you need to do it a little more slowly, but do not worry, take these steps until you'll recover and restart the diet when you feel better.

  • Fruit Choices: pineapple, papaya or oranges. You must choose only one of these fruits and eat it without changing for seven days of the preliminary diet. Although we know that the pineapple can scald your tongue, we recommend you make an effort to choose it because it is great to prevent and eradicate cancer, only avoid it if you suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcer. You can try at least the first two or three days of this diet with pineapple, if you do not feel good, then change to orange or papaya. If you pick oranges, you can combine them with tangerines or grapefruit.
  • How to eat fruit: pick a day (the sooner the better), and start fasting taking two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. On the day, just consume the fruit, if you get hungry, eat more fruit, and if you're really starving ... More fruit!
  • Drink water: During these seven days, you must drink at least two liters of pure water a day. In addition, you should get soursop and prepare an infusion with the pulp and leaves: use two tablespoons of soursop pulp and a few leaves cut into small pieces. Add this to a glass of boiling water, let it boil for 5 minutes, turn off and let stand until warm. Strain and drink at noon and before bed, unsweetened.
  • Once you finish this diet: you should do the same steps as before but you can add vegetable broth with rice at lunch. No meat, bread or other food yet. You should avoid eating the vegetable broth with the fruit you picked, eat fruits 20 minutes before meals or one hour after eating the soup.
  • For the tenth day: follow the same steps but at breakfast you can add a cup of almond, soy or oatmeal milk with a tablespoon of chia and amaranth.
  • Keep this diet for five days. After these days, avoid eating sugar, white flour, cow's milk, red meat, sausages or anything fried or very cooked.
  • Accompany this diet with exercise: go for a walk daily to oxygenate your body and nutrients get distributed better. A yoga routine will be great to move bowels and help them heal.

In addition, we recommend avoid anger. Takes this time to create a more healthy philosophy on life, let go the things that are not good for you and stop waiting to get happiness from other people: search for things that make you feel good and grow, and cultivate a more fluid and detached spirit in life.

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3 Reviews about Diet for people with colon cancer (and how to prevent it)
on 17/11/2014
Oh wow....colon cancer sounds so scary. I definitely would never want to experience cancer of any sort, and colonoscopies sound just terrible. My mom has always had pretty sensitive digestion, and she went to a doctor that told her to eliminate raw produce from her diet, so she did, and then two years later she started to develop diverticulitis! Fresh produce is SOO important!
on 04/05/2014
I hope to never say that I have this illness but yet if I do, I must be prepared for that, thanks for giving me some advises to keep in mind if anything happens, I think that almost all the dieets are similar though
on 28/01/2013
My father has this awful problem and I think that the cause may be stress and a bad diet. I think I?m going to send him this article and I hope he follows the diet and the recommendations, the problem has to be fixed before it gets worst. I hope it?s not too late.

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