Diet and remedies for people with Psoriasis Diät und Heilmittel für Menschen mit Psoriasis Dieta y remedios para personas con Psoriasis

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Diet and remedies for people with Psoriasis

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Diet and remedies for people with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin inflammation whose symptoms are irritation, redness and swelling of the skin, symptoms that occur in frequent episodes with manifestations of thick and dry scales. Psoriasis is not contagious and is caused by an erroneous or accidental operation of the immune system which attacks the skin itself.

The body has the ability to self-healing by itself, the cells regenerate every day, it is a special laboratory, if we allow and give the necessary ingredients, it can repair and heal deep condition.

If you have psoriasis and you want to start a healing which will allow your body to develop its healing abilities, then surely you should start by diet, as your intestines and blood should be in the best conditions for your whole body to rebalance and re-run harmoniously.

The next diet will certainly help to repair and heal your skin. Often, it’s difficult to carry out a diet when habits have persisted for years, but if you combine this diet with a good rest and some other tips (see detail at the bottom of page), then you'll see how your skin heals slowly and recovers its natural appearance. Everything you do may be a sacrifice, but certainly the results are worth it. Remember to be patient, natural medicine may be a bit slower, but certainly the rewards are unbeatable in the long run.


Follow it until you begin to see how your skin improves and heals, which may depend on each person, however, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see improvements quickly, be confident that this diet is repairing your whole body and interior many times, especially if you've taken medication, will cost that the immune system responds to natural, since the drugs tend to return the immune system weak.

Foods you should avoid are: cow's milk, cheeses (except cottage cheese and fresh), sodas, irritants, alcohol, vinegar, pickles, sausages, fried, junk and anything containing white sugar which is bad for skin, nervous system and endocrine system.

Food and supplements to help repair the skin: and are rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll (take a teaspoon a day in juice or water), Spirulina, extra virgin olive oil (to preserve its medicinal properties), aloe juice, probiotics (yogurt, kefir, etc.), green tea or red grapes, goji berries, papaya, tomato, onion, garlic, strawberries and celery.

FASTING: take a garlic clove with a glass of warm water. If at first you feel discomfort such as diarrhea or stomach pain, etc., take it as normal, there is something called a healing crisis that occurs when the body is healing, and somehow it seems that everything worse.

BREAKFAST: start with some fruit like pineapple, guava, papaya, orange, etc. (Preferably a citrus or acidic, or papaya) Pick a fruit per week and keep taking this fruit for breakfast. After breakfast, wait 20 minutes and then eat breakfast either wheat toast, unsweetened yogurt (preferably homemade), almond milk or soy, oat and honey wheat bread, or a vegetarian sandwich with tomato, add a tablespoon of bread olive oil, avocado, lettuce, fresh cheese, oregano and olives if you like. None of irritants such as mayonnaise, mustard or pickled peppers.

MID MORNING: (as at 12), drink a glass of fresh carrot juice with a celery stick, do it in an extractor and drink right away so the vegetables do not lose their vitamins. This juice can be made with celery, well-washed raw spinach, afalfa sprouts or another plant with red tomato. Add the juice five times a week a piece of raw onion and fresh. Do not add any salt or lemon and sweetener, drink naturally. The carrot should be the basis of your juice, since it is an ideal food for skin repair. Twice a week, you can also use aloe or aloe juice.

FOOD: choose a cooked dish and a salad. For example, fish with salad, miso soup and salad, rice with salad or pasta with salad. Don’t eat red meat, chicken only once a week. Don’t consume sausage or fried food, if you eat fish or chicken make it grilled or steamed.

MID AFTERNOON (like 5 or 6): eat Goji berries, blueberries, grapes and strawberries that are excellent cell regenerative with many antioxidants. Do not eat anything else. Remember that fruit should not be combined with any other food because its sugar ferments food and produces alcohol. Fruits should be eaten alone on an empty stomach.

DINNER: whole bakery, some soup or broth with the foods allowed, a plate of rice, sandwich, etc.

BEFORE SLEEP: (1 hour after dinner), eat an apple.

WATER: Do not forget to drink water at least 2 liters a day.

Diet should be combined with good sleep, and do not to expose people who smoke or polluted sites.

At night, wash your face with mineral water (it does not contain chlorine and does not dry), and apply aloe gel or ointment. During the day, get colloidal silver spray paint and apply two or three times in your face, gently spraying on. Do this when you're not on the street, preferably in your home to your damp skin and slowly absorbs the silver.

Remember that stress, anxiety, etc., make you prone to this condition as well as anger or saved resentment.

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2 Reviews about Diet and remedies for people with Psoriasis
on 22/03/2015
Excellent article!! I just loved reading about all the different types of dietary additions (or ommisions) that can actually affect the skin!! I know everything we eat does affect the skin sooner or later, but this was very cool. I actually hada coworker who said that his psoriasis was affected by the wireless internet at his house.
on 06/03/2013
This condition can be really uncomfortable and can take several time to heal but if you try hard then you won?t see any troubles, well if you follow the diet and correct the bad habits like smoking, that could really affect the skin. I really recommend drinking plenty of natural juices that regenerate the skin cells and improve the whole body

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