Diet and nutrition guide for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis Diät und Ernährung für Menschen mit Arthritis und Arthrose Dieta y guía nutricional para personas con artritis y artrosis

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Diet and nutrition guide for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis

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Diet and nutrition guide for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis

Joint diseases are not only related to the joints of the body but with all the elements involved in body movement as the muscles and tendons. It's called arthritis inflammation of the joints and tendons, while rheumatism occurs in the muscles.

Diet plays a crucial role for a speedy recovery of these two conditions. It is essential that you take into account your diet because the food that enters your body is the basis of the profound healing of any condition.

Here is guide of the foods you should eat to heal and keep your bones, muscles and tendons healthy, and also are mentioned those that are not recommended to consume. If you follow this diet, you will notice the amazing improvements that your body and your movement will have.

Mandatory food in your diet:

Raw vegetables: which you must take either in juice or salads. The most beneficial vegetables are garlic, onion, carrots, alfalfa, beets (do not abuse it), celery, broccoli and sprouts. All of them begin a powerful process of detoxification and nutrition of tissues and bones; also help lower the acidity of arthritic body. Vegetables are rich in enzymes, protein, vitamins and nutrients that should be consumed without cooking to respect their property.

Fruits: They are extremely nutritious and cleansing, will help to reduce inflammation in your joints, help to remove bacteria and toxins in your body and enhance the functionality of your muscles and systems. The only condition is that you should not mix them with other foods, eat fruits alone on an empty stomach and wait half an hour to eat other things. This is because the fruit sugar (which is highly nutritious) ferments other foods in digestion, and this causes that alcohol is generated, which quickly rots food in your stomach and this is nothing beneficial especially when your joints are inflamed. The most recommended are those fruits high in vitamin C like lemon, orange and citrus; they help fight inflammation and any infection in your body as well as help cleanse your blood and guts.

Whole cereals: cereals are rich in fiber, the intestines remain very clean and refined and, if your intestines are working properly, your body will be in perfect health. When the intestines are not working properly and are saturated with toxins, they begin to accumulate it in the joints and blood, matching many problems, infections and weakening of muscles and bones, among many other things.

Pure water: Water is an irreplaceable liquid; it keeps the body clean of toxins and bacteria and helps to carry out numerous functions in the body. You should drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day. Avoid all beverages, no canned coffee, sodas and soft drinks; all of them are terrible for health (see details in sugar).

Recommended foods in the diet:

Foods high in sodium: goat milk, parsley, figs, vegetable soup, nutty butter and cod liver oil. You should also include foods rich in calcium and vitamin like carrot, which is extraordinary cell reparative and restorative, and the alga spirulina.

Food and supplements to prevent and heal joint pain:

Foods rich in lecithin: will help to diminish the pain. Shark cartilage is highly effective in helping to nurture and heal joints.

Analgesic herbs: In case of pain, you can prepare analgesic herbal teas such as marjoram, chamomile and anise. The infusion of willow is excellent for bone pain and inflammation.

Foods to avoid:

Sugar and white flour: bad for all kinds of infections and inflammations. Also, you should make an effort to avoid fried food, sausages, red meat or cow's milk, all these products gradually get stuck in your intestines and veins, and if your gut is not working properly, toxins and fats accumulate in your blood and joints. Something that is scientifically proved is that the body of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is acidified, which is mainly due to incorrect feeding with these foods (especially white sugar and refined flour), so you have to avoid them to correct the imbalance. We recommend you check the packaging of the things you buy to avoid sugar consumption which often comes disguised in some names as glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose etc. Also avoid “diet” products, which may not contain sugar, but many of them are added with diet sugar, which is ultimately much more harmful than conventional sugar.

Recommended diet for people with arthritis:

FASTING: a glass of warm water with one or two lemons squeezed, unsweetened, with nothing.

BREAKFAST: citrus bowl with honey. Do not eat anything else and wait half an hour or more.

LUNCH: bowl of oatmeal with brown bread, or toast with tofu or a slice of fresh cheese with avocado and olive oil. You can also try a vegetarian sandwich with plenty of vegetables and a slice of fresh cheese.

FOOD: vegetables and miso soup or rice and a stew to choose, but no red meat. Occasionally, add roast chicken and fish up to 5 or 6 times a week. Accompany the meal with a glass of carrot juice with a bit of garlic and beetroot, lemon and without adding any sweetener. If you're thirsty, drink a cup of warm water. At every meal, you must accompany the food with a fresh salad of raw vegetables. At lunch, you can take shark cartilage that is excellent for the joints.

DINNER: cup of rice pudding (made with soy milk), toast with honey and a product or supplement with lecithin. You can also eat a soup of vegetables or a salad of steamed vegetables or a vegetarian sandwich with soy ham.

BEFORE SLEEP: take three chili peppers, or three almonds and an apple or natural apple juice.

NOTE: If you get hungry between meals, eat fruit or vegetables.

Besides diet, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and try physical activity (yoga is great). Keep thinking fluid, flexible and enthusiastic.

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2 Reviews about Diet and nutrition guide for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis
on 17/03/2015
I think a lot of people (especially in the West) don't realize that natural fruits and vegetables have properties taht affect the body so strongly. you are what you eat!! And these inflammatory diseases, like arthritis, really are affected by eating junk food. Night shades are also inflammatories, and even through they are vegetables, they do cause inflammation!
on 14/02/2013
These recommendations are pretty good for any person with any kind of disease or for people who want to have a better lifestyle and body. I really recommend avoiding sugary products, I?ve done that for many years now and my body feels very good. Keep on going publishing articles to help people improve their health.

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