Diet and food to treat Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) Diät für die Hydrocephalus Heilung Dieta y alimentos para tratar Hidrocefalia (agua en el cerebro)

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Diet and food to treat Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)

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Diet and food to treat Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)

Hydrocephalus is a disorder characterized by excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. This liquid, which was known as water in the past, is actually cerebrospinal fluid, a colored substance that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and which has many functions, including protecting brain, transporting nutrients and oxygen, collecting and disposing nutrients, and it compensates for changes in intracranial blood volume.

If this cerebral fluid accumulates excessively, causes an abnormal dilation in the brain in the ventricles spaces, which causes potentially harmful pressure on delicate brain tissue.

To treat this condition you should consider a basic diet and certain foods that help systems and organs to self-regulate and balance, and which complement a complete cure.

Why is diet important to treat hydrocephalus?

Because through the food, we can nourish and help the body to remove toxins, fat and unnecessary and harmful chemicals that eventually accumulate and cause what is known as toxemia, which is an excessive accumulation of toxins and chemicals in the body that break its proper operation, warming over the body and making it an ideal environment for the spread of viruses and bacteria, as well as the blood is acidified and the intestines are obstructed, this will prevent the body to function properly and cause damage, deteriorating and destroying systems, organs and tissues, creating a poor environment where prone to diseases.

The real cure is not in the medicine, but in a series of activities where the body can be cleansed, nourished, and restored a good flow of energy and healthy blood. Thus the body regains its balance and will become strong and healthy.

The body has the amazing ability to create its own medicines; it has the capacity for self-healing, self-regulation, self-balanced and self-regenerate. These functions are carried out every day, and only require the essential elements for the correct functioning.

How is the diet?

The first thing to do is to perform a cleansing diet as the next:

  • Choose two days where you can rest and focus on the diet.
  • Choose a fruit, either pineapple or grapes. This fruit is eaten for two days of debugging. You can eat as much as you want, the rule is to eat only the fruit, without adding sugar or salt or anything else. Remember, now your health is more important than your palate. If you pick grapes, must eat those with seeds and chew the seeds. You can eat one day one fruit and the next one the other.
  • In this two-day diet, you should drink two liters of water during the day.
  • Before you start to eat your fruit, you should start the day with fasting two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Three days before starting the diet, you should not eat any products of animal origin such as milk, eggs, meats, etc.

After the cleansing diet...

Once you finish the starter diet, then you will continue with the following nutritional guidelines:

Avoid: sugar and refined flour, meat, dairy or animal origin sausages, vinegars, irritants (such as vinegar, chile, coffee or chocolate), processed or junk food.

Recommended foods: fresh vegetables and salad or juice, fruit juices, seeds, oil seeds, nuts, whole grains, dairy milks (soy, nut, oat, etc.), teas and herbs.

Foods you should include in your daily diet: Chia (take a teaspoon a day), yeast (half a teaspoon a day), Spirulina (three times per week), chlorophyll (three times a week, dissolve a teaspoon in a glass and drink), extra virgin olive oil (one teaspoon daily on an empty stomach), a clove of raw garlic (daily, fasting or at night), aloe juice (half a cup a day mixed with carrot juice), dry fruit (between meals), ginger (a bit raw on the size of your thumb, either bite or do a smoothie with orange juice), infusion of green tea.

Example Diet

FASTING: drink a glass of green tea with half a squeezed lemon. Do not eat anything else until you've spent half an hour.

BREAKFAST: citrus fruit plate with granola, some honey and a teaspoon of chia or flax.

LUNCH: veggie sandwich, steamed vegetables, vegetable wheat pizza, etc.

FOOD: vegetable broth, pasta with vegetables, brown rice, miso soup, lentil soup, beans, etc.

BETWEEN MEALS: Fresh vegetable juices, granola bars with nuts and almonds, fruit salads, etc.

DINNER: tortilla with vegetables, steamed spinach, beans, etc.. Here you can enjoy raw garlic.

BEFORE SLEEP: Apple with mint tea.

Make this diet for 40 days then you can include in the food either chicken, grilled fish, or cottage cheese. Avoid frying things.

Follow this diet until you see results. If you combine this with a routine of relaxation or meditation, with very gentle exercises such as stretching, you will accentuate the healing.

During the days of diet, take time to understand what you feel and if something hurts you, do not bother or feel really comfortable with who you are. Emotions influence our body, resentment, lack of growth and excessive stress are some factors that could be influencing your condition.

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19 Reviews about Diet and food to treat Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)
on 13/02/2017
1. May I know Foods to control Hydrocephalus please

on 09/01/2017
Dear Sheik,

I suffer from Hydrocefalie and i would like to know how you treat this with oil ?
I understand you use olive oil, but how do you use it ?
Please respons and explane so i can try it to.

regards Nancy

on 23/12/2017
I also have water on the brain & seeking advice. Looking for a homeopathic treatment beacuse a shunt is not something I want to deal with.
on 08/12/2016
if the child is 2 years old do i still follow this diet.does he need to do the fasting since hes 2yrs
on 05/10/2016
Can you please expalin what alkaline Food is and some examples of them
on 02/06/2016
The recipe calls for yeast. What kind of yeast? Thank you.

on 24/02/2016
Im eager to try this diet. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. And the doctors say my lil one has small fluid in the brain but they are going to do further testing to see how much of a concern it is. But in the meantime, id love to start this diet and hope that it will help my lil one recover. Is this something that would help unborn children? Or is this diet only meant for an individual that has this health issue after birth?
on 03/03/2017
I am soo worried, Please guide me, In six month of pregnancy hydrocephalus diagnose in right side of infant brain. i am using doctor recommended medicine and precaution.
Please help me.

on 14/02/2016
Dear, please help me find out what kind of food or fruit should I give to my 6 months baby who is having a small amount of water in brain? Doctor not decided to do Shunt or any treatment yet since the water is in small amount, so I am hoping food/fruits will help him keep water constant or no more water.
thank you

on 23/04/2016
If I can't see the reply, there is nothing to review.
on 25/10/2015
My Age - 23 yrs
this is my first baby
(But one has been miscarriage previous year 45 days old pregnancy)

I am pregnant with 32 weeks but in my ultrsound report has shown that "hydrocephalus and Mild polyamnious" disease to my unborn baby.
details of report is below: USG LOWER ABDOMEN
Single foetus seen in cephalic presentation
Av maturity 37 week 4 day
EFW 3210 GM
FHR 145 / mn
Placenta posterior not loe lying, No retroplacental bleed noted.
Liquor is mildly excessive (AFI 19 - 20 cm)
There is evidence of gross hydrocephalus.
Internal os is closed Cx length is 36 mm.

please let me know the diet to reduce the risk of hydrocephalus (water in brain) in my unborn baby. And Can it be remove permanently and avoid premature labour.
if i am starting diet as mention in the ARTICLE ABOVE can help me to fight to reduce the water in brain (unborn baby). ??
Please email me on immediate behalf

on 07/04/2015
I would like to share my experience of problem with hydrocephalus. I experienced sudden change in My life having trouble in concentration lack of sleep heaviness on the head tiredness vomiting etc. I really had bad time of life where I experienced lot of problems. When I went to doctors I was told my sinus part closed so I should do inhaling with warm water for sometimes and I was given breathing exercise to come over but nothing helped.
I tried lot of medicines but nothing helped eventually I started using of hair oil which worked really well as I started getting better. The heaviness on the head started getting down and the water started draining out through nose and started sweating all over face and body. Who ever suffers I hope nothing wrong in trying this. Plz use olive oil or coconut oil no hair toni

on 05/10/2016
Dear Sir, did you also have Problem Standing on your feet or Walking ? Did you experience a "drunken man Walk" ?
Which Oil did you use ?

on 28/04/2015
Thanks for your comment. Can you tell me exactly how you are using the oil? I also have hydrocephalus and it's killing me...

on 22/02/2015
Thanks for the suggestions, and for the other reader comments. These are great, and whenever you hear of someone having this condition, it always sounds so scary, and I have to admit, you almost wonder if they'll never get better. I always hope that people can get it under control before it leads to more serious damage.
on 21/01/2015

my son has this issue since he was born with it and he is just 2 years now. it is in benign stage so experts said it would automatically cure itself after sometime and he shows some improvements as well. but which one will really help him?... I am desperately searching

on 14/12/2012
Wow this condition can be such a bad new especially if your son or daughter is born with it, because it reduces the flow of energy in neurons and can cause a lot of different problems, even death. If we are old and have signs of this condition we should change our lifestyle but asking or doctor first.
on 24/09/2015
My mom and dad found out i was going to be born with condition because i had inherited it from my uncle, Nicholas and actually i'm pretty "normal" as you would say. The genetics doctor my parents went too, told them i wouldn't be able to walk or even talk right and i proved them wrong. I went through physical and speech therapy on top of having a nurse come working with me and on top of going through three years of homeschooling before i even went to school at the age of six. I'm a "miracle child" as my doctor told my mother. the VP shunts only normally last 2 to 4 months in time but my first surgery was when i was 6 weeks and then I had my only other surgery when i shortly turned 11 years of age. It was scary for my parents finding out, but my mom never gave up on me when my dad did before i was even born.
It takes a lot of strength for a parent or even family to be around someone who has the condition. When my uncle was born, he was stillborn, because they didn't get to him in time and the technology wasn't up to date when i was born in 1997.
But some people don't have many bad experiences. I had only one MRI and I only had one time when my brain grew down my neck which is when the MRI came into play to fix it.
And how a reply says that it's scary, yeah it is, but it can be manageable.
You will always have the condition you just start to understand it more as you get older and learn ways to control it.
But this is coming from someone who will be 19 in this coming January.

on 13/06/2012
foods that are rich in alkaline have been found to manage hydrocephalus

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