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Diet and Detoxification

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Diet and Detoxification

This summer/fall cleansing of our body is a necessary, to avoid deterioration of our health. It is our responsibility to know a diet that will help us eliminate maximum accumulated toxins, we should observe a set of guidelines, including the most important would be the organization for supply of organic and in order to design a series of varied and balanced menus that will help us achieve the objective.

It should be noted that the overload of toxins in the body is the basis of many diseases: allergies, all diseases ended with "-ITIS" and caused by infection of fungi and bacteria, flu, pneumonia, asthma, weight gain with fluid retention, frequent tiredness, etc.

Leaving exceptions, it is obvious that most food consumed by an overly is processed and sprayed with chemical additives and pesticides. How can the system function optimally cause detoxification when working with such a disadvantage? We know it is difficult to change the ways of life, but at some point have to give way to a diet that suits us, why are all the improvements seen in thousands of patients. And the more you can substitute foods from agricultural chemical agriculture, the more chance to feel better and in less time.

One of the symptoms of a true detoxification is that by eating wrong food, we see right away. In the current state, people have lost many of their instincts. But they can recover them.

It is rare to see a wild animal in its natural environment, with diabetes, arthritis or obesity because they are fed according to their instincts. If it is unwell, does not eat. If it is thirsty, drinks, does not drink more than three liters per day because they have learned. When sick, they fast, what more is purged eating certain herbs to facilitate the healing process. Because processed foods not only produces nutritional deficiencies, but also distort the taste buds to the point of losing the ability to detect the flavor of many foods. If a person includes sugar in the diet, is unlikely to detect mild sweet foods.

The aim of dietary change is to facilitate the process of detoxification with two goals:

1. Getting a clean diet with no chemicals so that does not damage body.

2. On the other hand providing the diet with enough vitamins and minerals used in detoxification processes, while incorporating the maximum of antioxidants, the basic processes of detoxification.

In both situations the plant products and organic crops are key. Between what we consider a clean diet which favors the processes of detoxification, we have roughly:

  • Do not drink alcohol if this will cause a conflict, you may have an added problem to be solved.
  • No sweets like cookies, candy, soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolate, sugar, ice cream... Sometimes these things aim to satisfy passenger pleasures. Reduce fruit juice and do not abuse the consumption of fruit. This is because they affect blood glucose entertaining unnecessarily the body and its systems. Stabling glucose in the blood is essential for our brain, and for this starch grains are the ideal.
  • The fructose or fruit sugar is converted directly into fat without the presence of insulin. but the formation of fat in the liver, it decreased the energy of this, interfering with detoxification. Also cause fluid retention and expansion of cells in general and in particular the liver, disrupting the normal functions and compromising.
  • No dairy products, or at least a large decrease in consumption. We have been led to believe that milk and dairy products are necessary, but culturally and socially we tolerate today, science knows other foods that provide more nutrients and even without the feared animal fat, or casein protein and complex type of indigestible substance; human milk has small protein casein and type are essentially lactalbumin, simpler and digestive. Of course when you consume any dairy, always try organic origin. A study of 250 women with breast cancer revealed that they consumed more milk, cheese, butter fat and 499 women of same age where healthy. (Feb. 15, 1999, Journal of the National Cancer Institute.) By replacing milk for leafy greens, not only getting more calcium, but more of the minerals that help incorporate calcium women and men.
  • Do not consume red meat and eggs, including cow, pig, lamb could be eaten ... some bird or fish. A meal rich in protein and low in carbohydrates generates the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that facilitates relaxation, thereby experiencing a feeling of tranquility. Another benefit of the reduction of meat in the diet would decrease the load of ammonia on the detoxifying system, allowing more glutathione to face a proper detoxification. Even knowing that the consumption of meat and eggs slow the detoxification process, the consumer should know when needs them.
  • Do not consume Solanaceae, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, other vegetables as cruciferous, cabbage, lombarda, cauliflower, adding more sulfur available for conjugation, one of the most used by the body in its cleaning. They are also beneficial traditional vegetables as onions, carrots, garlic, leeks, turnips. Those not mentioned once in a while.
  • Only use cold pressed oils, never refined oils, they will not recommend either for frying. Daily consumption of small amounts of oil seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkin, sunflower or flax, as they provide the necessary polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6. Breast cancer is positively correlated with fat intake. Nullify the fatty deposits that inhibit lymphatic drainage is an efficient mechanism to prevent cancer, final stage of a process of poisoning.
  • No coffee, common tea. Replace them with herbal teas and balanced in the area, coffee grains, barley malt or roasted, teas without protein. It is essential not to take up our channels of inadequate cleaning and drinks that increase the uric acid, such as tea and coffee.

Well, then you can eat for a detox:


Cereal grains, being the most recommended creams, toasted cereal, slow cooking (oats, rice, quinoa, millet, ... if you want to sweet creams, do not use candy, sugar or honey, but cook in raisins, cinnamon and lemon skin.

Lunch or dinner:

Cereal grain cooked rice or millet and mostly vegetables of the season, mainly onion and carrot adding extra small additions, like a soup with vegetables and cereals, vegetables and cooked well mineralized with wild plants or algae. Soy products like tofu, tofu burgers, tempeh...

Cook with olive oil. And consume oil like sesame seeds, pumpkin daily flavoring cereal boiled once served on the plate.

always opt for organic food, and freshest possible, stressing that both are in the region or the station where we are located.

The fact of eating as much organic food promotes the provision of nutrients and substances that promote detoxification in higher proportion than those grown conventionally.

Making a meal meditation will do everything in our life is more orderly and peaceful.

In addition to facilitate detoxification, apart from better absorption of nutrients, I recommend a conscious and comprehensive chewing. The practice of chewing suprarenal download, making these apart from rest, is purified of excess pesticides and other xenobiotics.

This curative and preventive diet allows our body clean and to tackle the number of substances for which we are all overwhelmed by daily skin, lungs or intestines.

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3 Reviews about Diet and Detoxification
on 13/04/2014
sounds like a good idea from time to time to keep the body in right position, no one can stop you if your body is clean and your mind is ready for new knowledge, thanks for giving such important point in the life of all of us
on 02/02/2014
Well, I have been searching for a good diet that helps me out when dealing with the many illness that we can suffer, I think it is not normal to be sick all the time, but we can avoid this with a detox diet that really help us from the inside of the body
on 08/04/2010
esta es la dieta que necesitas para desintoxicar el cuerpo

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