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Diabetes care

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Diabetes care

Diabetes is the result of an imbalance in the body's metabolism due to a series of chemical alterations that disable the hormone insulin and don’t release a sufficient amount so that the body can use sugar properly. Due to this alteration, the sugar content rises in the blood in high proportions, reaching a level where it is essential that the kidneys enter to help dispose of excess sugar in the urine. Hence, taking urine samples to measure the sugar.

Sugar in the body

The presence of sugar is an essential element in the body, because sugar is energy. In a healthy person, any excess will be converted into reserves, named fat. This does not happen in most diabetic patients who, despite many of them have obesity, excess sugar in them must be eliminated by the urinary tract. The sugar in the blood comes from a mix, so to speak, starches, sugars and carbohydrates. When the body makes digestion converts the starch into sugar. That is why in the diet of diabetic patients starches are often drastically reduced, due to the inability of the body to use sugar efficiently. Starches and everything that diabetics eat will be controlled according to their levels of blood sugar and urine.

What Promotes diabetes?

Addition to genetic predisposition, mainly the patient's habits which led to be a diabetic. Especially their eating habits, somewhat neglected, and a sedentary life, at office or great mental activity, and emotionally forgotten, creating an atmosphere conducive to the body for the development of diabetes. The excessive abuse of the white flour, canned goods, the famous fast food and soft drinks and products sweetened with refined sugars is one of the main causes that promote the diabetes. Admittedly, there are now many cases of young children and up to the present, but in this case have inherited weakness. It usually presents in people who tend to be obese, and in many cases, the patient already has an excessive weight before being diagnosed with the disease.

Emotions and diabetes

Doctors adopt the theory that diabetes is mainly caused by a very distinctive emotional atmosphere in diabetics. Many of the patients were sedentary and had a life emotionally worn, heavy pressure and in most cases, full of emotions somewhat bitter, so to speak, attitude to life and philosophy tend to create feelings of sadness, resignation and "no sweetness”. Patients usually do not find how to solve what they feel, and because of this, evade, restrict or even deny their sadness, they might distract their solitude doing superficial activities. However, the avoidance or no resolution to the lack of joy or pleasure in life, the longing of a past or what could not be established, cause that lack of "fresh" energy. Melancholy, indifference, exhaustion, tiredness and sadness and, finally, the absence of any sense of something really good in life, foster emotional conditions that later are manifested as diabetes.


  • The constant need to urinate
  • Thirst, dry mouth
  • Hunger
  • Tiredness without reason
  • Slow healing
  • Sleepiness
  • Pain in the kidneys
  • Inefficient blood circulation

The only remedy is insulin?

Do not think so. Like any disease, the cure comes up where you can take the opportunity to explore and implement new alternatives. Certainly if they are not known and the disease is focused as something separate of the patient, then the disease can hardly be a really good bridge to react to the patient about the truest meaning of his suffering. The root of all disease is not in this symptom, so if you just care and control symptom, disease will not give up. You need to go further, to the true root of the disease, to eradicate what is causing that. Many patients who use insulin are no longer paying attention to many important aspects of their interior, where it is real healing. I'm not saying that is not important as an aid, but the disease can be confronted by any other means that the usual.

From the nutritional point of view, many diabetics have been suffering neglect in food. If the patient is not informed of everything that the food produces in the body, it is very unlikely to have a new awareness to face the illness with courage, since there is no disease but poisoned bodies. Beyond diet, many patients do not believe having any connection with the illness, they believe it is something of "destiny" in which they do not have a direct collaboration. Any illness is a great moment for a reassessment of what we are. If one does not spin and makes this intimate account and nurtures understanding, then certainly the disease will progress or control the whole life making the patient dependent on drugs. In any disease is essential to take into account the most important factor in energy medicine which are the emotions, the roots of everything that happens in the body. And for this there are now many therapists, reiki, bioenergetic therapist, a good reflexologist or a good naturopath can be helpful. The intention of wanting to understand how to help yourself and a change of attitude to your life, you'll see it can make not only the miracle of not using insulin, but to completely eradicate your disease.

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3 Reviews about Diabetes care
on 28/08/2014
Diabetes runs in my family, and I have seen first hand the impact that diet and exercise can have in treating this disease. My brother has been Type 2 for nearly 10 years, and he couldn't care less about taking care of himself. He relies entirely on insulin injections to keep himself out of ketoacidosis. My cousin, on the other hand, was diagnosed not even 5 years ago, and turned his life around with fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise. Now he's nearly entirely off his medication, and is estimated to be off entirely within the next year.
on 04/05/2014
my father has it and this is not good at all, the care is such important that you must forget about the rest things in your life, even though you are not the suffering person... all the things you say there are pretty good
on 03/11/2013
Probably there are patients that cannot make it with the insulin but maybe that is because they didn?t make anything before having serious problems and then you have to look in yourself, in the interior and ask, Am I doing the right thing for me and my body?what can I do to change if I am bad?

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