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Dharma, Natural Therapy Center

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Dharma, Natural Therapy Center

Dharma is intended as a communication space that combines both user queries therapy sessions such as sharing information and experiences among students and therapists who have studied in Dharma, between colleagues, friends and people who wish to participate.

Try one therapy...

From the perspective of the Center, the sense of doing therapy is related to "accompany the life process", this means facilitating or supporting the growth process of individuals.

The signals that stimulate the growth often has to do with personal crises, whether in the physical (signs and symptoms), emotional or psychic processes of change, vital conflict with oneself or with others, etc.

The human being is an integrated unit at the confluence of various energy fields of different density or vibration.

The friction or lack of fluency in these fields is what generates the disorders we call disease. Generally people choose to get therapy when the body gives warning signals when you are injured or sick, but also is useful in periods when there is more stability.

Therapeutic proposals: Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy

Both are holistic approaches that address both energy nature at the physical body and the emotional and mental therapies that encompass the human experience in its entirety.
These proposals are provided by Maritza Rafael, therapist trained in such diverse body therapies, psycho-physical and energy, also in the more scientific aspects of health and ancestral, ethnic and shamanic vision.


Since time immemorial, we have used natural remedies for health care. Contact with nature is vital because we are part of it.

The holistic vision of man says that the body is one body, so that we see and treat any ailment jointly and globally.

The health naturist vision speaks of the terrain (the nerve supply, oxygenation, drainage of the body tissues) are responsible for a predisposition to any type of disease, for example due to a deficient immune system, poor living habits , lack of exercise, breathing polluted air, food unnatural, toxic substance, etc..

Natural Treatments:

  • Herb therapy: Use of medicinal plants and their use as infusions or decoctions, extracts, capsules or tablets.
  • Bach Flower Therapy: Essences produced by sun or the cooking of certain flowers to treat emotional disorders: fear, lack of self esteem, depression, discouragement, exhaustion, obsession, communication problems, irritability, complex traumas.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatic essential oils that come from the distillation of various plants that favorably affect the immune system, nervous system, as well as an outstanding action as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and so on...

They are used in baths, massage oils and vaporizers.

We also support the treatment based on:

  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Applications of hydrotherapy (showers, poultices, baths) and clay
  • Specific physical exercises
  • Practice relaxation directed (CD's)

What is Craniosacral Biodynamic?

Craniosacral is an anatomical term that comes from osteopathy. Name the core structures of the body from where it radiates the vital impulse that animates and directs the functions of the body, both physically and psychologically.

Biodynamic refers to the natural capacity of the organic system itself to ensure an optimal state of function. The same "intelligence" that guides the growth from one cell to a human being is still present throughout life.

Craniosacral therapy is based on the principle of the existence of a subtle rhythmic pulse that emerges in the heart tissues and body fluids. It is called the primary respiratory drive and is the deepest body rhythm "encourage” and gives vitality to the human organism.

Life is expressed in the body with a series of rhythmic movements which we call tides. These are different levels of organization of this pulsation of life.

Tides allows us to feel connected to the primary impulse that gives life to the body and enter into relationship with the principles of self-regulation and healing inherent in the human body.

It may be felt as a subtle respiratory movement emerging in the heart of the central nervous system and is transmitted to all organs and tissues organizing and maintaining optimal functioning.

Polarity Therapy

It is a therapeutic system based on an understanding of life and health as an energy process that was created and donated by Dr. Randolph Stone in the early twentieth century.
It is based on the application of a synthesis of Eastern philosophical principles as the descriptions of the human energy system from the Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the Hermetic philosophy, Kabbalah and Western astrology and therapeutic systems ranging from naturopathy, osteopathy, reflexology , therapeutic massage, physical exercise or diet.

The most relevant part of Polarity Therapy is the body work; this is the establishment of a series of contacts in different areas of the body, demonstrations and / or manipulations aimed at facilitating the return of free energy flow and thus the restoration psycho-physical balance and restore health.

Courses in Dherma:

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral
  • Energy Anatomy
  • Perinatal Dynamics
  • Bodies and viscera
  • Shock and Trauma
  • Emotions

Group Activities

  • Therapists Supervision
  • Group Therapy
  • Back Group
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Yoga

Dharma - Center for Natural Therapies 
Avda Garraf, No 31
Vilanova i la Geltrú

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2 Reviews about Dharma, Natural Therapy Center
on 05/09/2014
Do you have any information about any places like this in the U.s? I've noticed a lot of your articles feature locations in Spain, and while I might be travelling to Spain next year, I woud also like to try out these therapies sometime sooner. Anywhere in the US is fairly reachable for me. Thank you!
on 27/05/2013
Hey I live in Spain and I have visited this center, it was very impressive, I want to visit again son so if you are visiting Spain for any reason and want to relax your body for a day you should go to this place and try one of the alternative and helpful therapies

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