Development of technical standards for organic wine Entwicklung von technischen Normen für den ökologischen Wein Normas técnicas de elaboración de vino ecológico

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Development of technical standards for organic wine

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Development of technical standards for organic wine

As agreed within the Sector Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development. To be certified and marketed, the wines made from grapes from organic agriculture should follow the best practices of development and traceability requirements.

Any technical winemaking grapes are based on environmental quality criteria and the principles of organic production, as was agreed at the Sector Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development, which was attended by Directors of the branch of the Autonomous Communities.

Obtaining products with an indication of organic agriculture, including those developed, starts with a particular method of production and crop management. In this sense, the conditions and requirements of this standard are based on a basic raw material, such as the grape farming, whose characteristics successfully addressed the requirements of this standard.

The main objective encompassing all products of organic agriculture is the production of quality differentiated. The production of these wines is a wine of quality based on the evolution of the characteristics of the grapes, using the closest as aids to the grape.

In order to be certified and marketed, the wine must be made with a maximum of precautions, with good processing practices and traceability requirements needed. Only proper management of the vineyard leads to production of grapes of optimum maturity and quality that allow carrying out the fermentations.

Facilities should ensure the winery for processing and storage, the separation of wines from organic agriculture, the wines made from them to other vintages and products not from this production system. The harvest is done with utmost care, avoiding damage to grain and fermentation during the transport to the winery.

The alcoholic fermentation was conducted with existing natural yeast in the wort. The storage of wine in bulk will be done in the usual deposits of stainless steel, wood, lined concrete, clay and other materials approved for food use in the wine industry.

Filtration is performed by appropriate means, taking into account that the filter elements do not convey the wine smells or taste. The use of cooling techniques for thermal conditioning of the harvest, monitoring of the temperature of fermentation, preservation, stabilization of the wine chiller, stoppage of the fermentation in winemaking are accepted. The packaging is done in glass bottles.

Furthermore, for the development and nurturing of wines, they accord to the peculiarities of development and aging allowed the addition of spirits and wine alcohol and authorized the raising of the traditional system of hatcheries and sills.

For the preparation of sparkling wines and champagnes, they authorized the addition of sugar.

In all preparations that require alcohol, sugar, juice, concentrated grape or must being rectified, must come from organic production.

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2 Reviews about Development of technical standards for organic wine
on 26/11/2015
Yes, I think this is pretty inevitable, that as the organic sector starts to grow and become more popular, people are going to want "branding", or some way to ensure that when something is labeled "organic" that is actually means a certain thing. Great article!
on 05/01/2014
It is a good option to take care in the production of wine, as we deserve quality wines if we opt for the organic form, and we must have the security that those are what they claim to do? that is a very good idea from part of the Spaniard government,

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