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Develop your emotional intelligence

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Develop your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize feelings in self and others, and the ability to control them. There are exercises that can help us to control those impulses and emotional power and rule over our mood.

In many cases, it costs us define what we are feeling, anger, fear or any sense can cost identification, sometimes also happens that we know the feeling that invades us, but we do not know to control it. That is why emotional intelligence is useful, as it helps us to be more balanced and learn to master our welfare.

Implementing emotional intelligence

Learning to control our emotions makes us more aware of us and our ability to feel good and happy. And even make use of that intelligence, to improve our situation.

It’s not an easy task; however, there are some skills that can help us develop our emotional intelligence:

Be aware of your emotions: a first level of emotional intelligence is to learn to recognize our feelings and emotions, and be able to evaluate them in relation to the circumstances and feelings of the past.

Learning to master emotions: This is the ability to control emotional impulses and guide and bring them to a certain goal. At first, what we suggest is to work more on the duration of feelings.

Motivation: One of the thresholds of development of emotional intelligence is to learn to get excited with our tasks and perform them as best as possible, avoiding negative impulses.

Empathy: allows us to recognize and interpret the emotions of others. If we pay attention to gestures, looks, voice tones, it is easier for us to recognize each other's feelings.

Work in control over your emotions

Be aware that we cannot learn from day to day to dominate our emotions and be experts on emotional intelligence; however, implementing simple exercises we will become more sophisticated and aware about it.

The first step is the reflection and self-awareness; learn to identify our own feelings. It is important to reflect on the following points:

  • Examine how we do the valuations of others.
  • How we come into contact with our emotions.
  • How we identify, and interpret our intentions.
  • Identify the relationship between our actions and how we feel.

Find your inner child

To develop your emotional intelligence, it is important to get in touch with our inner child, to achieve this, perform the following exercise:

Contemplate a child picture of you for several minutes, then close your eyes and breathe deeply, relax and concentrate on the image. Ask yourself the following questions:

How was I at that age? What emotions did I experience then? How was my relationship with my parents and friends?

It is essential to pay attention to the feelings that invade us and remember to implement these exercises and interpret. Just practicing for several days will make possible to learn to connect with that inner child of each, and also achieve a higher level of integration in the present.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

  • Having control over us can benefit us in many ways, becoming more positive people, and therefore also more healthy.
  • Improve ability to motivate ourselves.
  • Generates empathy and helps us to relate and trust others.
  • It helps us to persevere in the effort despite the possible frustrations.
  • We do our own moods.
  • Prevents that anxiety interferes with our rational capacity.
  • It is a way to learn to control our emotional impulses, and therefore learn to balance us.

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3 Reviews about Develop your emotional intelligence
on 08/07/2014
This is such an essential and "basic" part of life, and I'm still surprised how after growing up, you realize how not-grown-up so many of the adults around you were. Much of the wisdom contained here in understanding emotions and monitoring them could truly save the world. Keep spreading the word!
on 04/05/2014
there are other exercises to achieve all you want in this article, and looking for your inner child is like a bonus to stay in touch with your real desire,

the original dreams you had as a child and what used to move you up..

on 22/04/2013
Being able to control our feelings, emotions and thinking can be a really good way of improving our lifestyle and the relationships that we maintain with the people around us, so learning to do it can be a very clever idea! I?m going to try some of the recommendations like that one to find your inner child and I hope that it works!

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