Detachment, pain, patience Ablösung, Schmerz, Geduld ... El desapego, el dolor, la paciencia

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Detachment, pain, patience

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Detachment, pain, patience

The detachment: Living as flowers

- Teacher, what must I do to avoid being annoyed?... Some people talk too much, others are ignorant. Some are indifferent. I feel hatred for those who are liars and grieve with those who are slander.
- Well, live like flowers! - Warned the teacher.
- And how is living like flowers? - said the disciple.
- Pay attention to these flowers - the teacher continued, pointing to some lilies that grew in the garden.
They are born in the manure, however are pure and scented. Extracting from manure, they used everything that is useful and healthy, but do not let the sour the soil stain the freshness of its petals.

It is fair distress own faults, but it is not wise to allow the others make you uncomfortable. The flaws in them are theirs and not yours. And if not yours, there is no reason to bother...

Pain: Pearls

Pearls are a product of pain... result of entry of a foreign and undesirable in the interior of the oyster, like a parasite or a grain of sand. When it enters the oyster, pearl cells start to work and cover the grain of sand with layers and layers and layers of nacre to protect the helpless body of the oyster. As a result, it forms a beautiful pearl.

An oyster that has not been injured cannot produce pearls because pearls are healed wounds...
Dou you have a wound that causes much pain? Then produce a pearl. Cover each of your wounds in layers of love. Only learn to cultivate their resentment leaving wounds... feelings with poor feeding, which prevent injuries heal.

In life we see many "empty oysters" not because there have been no injuries, but because they were unable to forgive, understand and transform pain into love. A smile to the injuries means personal growth.

Patience: Breaks

In the pause, there is not music, but the pause helps make music. The melody of the music is our life here and there interrupted by a break... And we, without thinking, believe that the tune is over.

Sometimes God sends us a time to stop forced. It may be a test plan failed or thwarted efforts. And this makes a sudden pause in the chorus of our lives. We regret that our voice has to remain silent and have to miss our part in the music that rises to the ears of the Creator.

But how the teacher reads the pause? He continues to mark the beat with the same accuracy and makes the following note firmly, as if there had been no interruption. God continues
a plan to write music of our lives. We must learn the melody and not to abandon the "breaks." They are not there to be ignored or omitted, or to disturb or change the melody tone.

Remember also that the break do not stop the song ... only serves to continue the melody!

Generosity: Tips

In those days when an ice cream sundae cost much less, a ten year old boy came into an ice cream shop and sat at a table.

- How much does a chocolate ice cream with almonds coast? - the boy wondered.
- Fifty cents - the waitress replied.
The boy took his hand from his pocket and examined a number of currencies.
- And how much is an ice cream alone? - Asked again.
Some people were waiting for a table and the waitress was a little impatient.
- Thirty-five cents - she said sharply.
The child returned to count the coins ...
- I just need an ice cream - said the child.
The waitress brought the ice cream, and put the bill on the table and left.
The boy finished the ice cream, paid and left.
When the waitress returned, she began to clean the table and then felt amazed: there, neatly placed in the empty dish, were fifteen cents... her tip.

Equality: Review of... conscience

During my second semester in nursing school, our teacher gave us a surprise test. I was an aware student and read all the questions quickly, until I read the last one: "What is the name of the woman who cleans the school?"

Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen many times the woman who cleaned the school. She was tall, dark hair, as fifty years, but how would I know her name? I gave my review, leaving the last question blank.

Before the end of the class, someone asked the teacher if the last question would count for the note of the review.

"Absolutely," said the professor. "in their careers you will meet many people. All are important. They deserve your attention and care, but they just smile and say hello. "

Love: The acceptance of all

An older man came to the clinic where I work to heal a wound in his hand. He was quite rushed, and while I healed him, I asked him what was so urgent that he had to do.

He said he had to go to a nursing home for breakfast with his wife who lived there. He told me she was some time there because had a very advanced Alzheimer's. While finished fixing the wound, I asked if she would alarm in case he will be late this morning.

- No - he said - She no longer knows who I am. For almost five years does not recognize me.
- So - I asked surprised - and if she does not know who you are, why this need to be with her every morning?
Hed smiled, giving me a pat on the hand, told me: "She does not know who I am, but I still know very well who she is."
And is that true love is acceptance of everything that the other is, what has been, what is and what will never be.

Faith: Giving yourself

Imagine you have an Angel by your side at the moment... Silence... Stay calm and think about all the problems you want solved. Everything that causes anxiety, makes you mourn, press you, you're worried about, lets you sad. So your fear of the future of mistakes, choosing the wrong path... Think about all this now...

Open your heart and imagine handing everything to God, Life, the Universe or what you believe. Put your hands in surrender position. Imagine handing far as handing over a heavy bag or someone else to take you.

Now, imagine all the good you want to happen, or what has already happened in your life. Moments of happiness, friendship, love, peace…

Put everything in your hands, imaginarily, make a gesture to save on your heart, is saved as a jewel in a box. Put that treasure stored within you, and say "Thanks", with great faith, by heart. Thanks ... for everything that is good and everything that went bad.
Count to three and breathe deep.
Now ... imagine that the Angel flew and took your prayers to God. As
greater appreciation, send this blessing to whoever you think needs it and who might be needing help. Even for those who appear to be wonderfully good.

And may God bless you ... Today and forever

The value of the same: An advertisement in the newspaper

A businessman met a writer friend and said, "I need to sell my property, which you know so well, do not you mind writing an announcement in the newspaper?" And the friend
wrote: "charming property is sold, where the birds sing at dawn in the extensive groves, surrounded by the crystal waters of a beautiful creek. The house, bathed by the rising sun, the shade offers quiet evenings in the porch."

Some months later, they met again and the writer asked him whether he had already sold his land:

- No I thought more about that - said the man - After I read the notice that you wrote me, I realized that it was the wonder!

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4 Reviews about Detachment, pain, patience
on 24/11/2015
All of these are great things to practice, and while I feel they are very hard to practice when first starting out, the more experienced one becomes in living out these ideals, the easier it gets to be that. This article was very touching, and very true. We need to remember this every day.
on 01/06/2014
wow thanks for sharing those words, it has a nice lesson, I love to find things like this one, very nice....
on 05/01/2014
I really enjoyed reading this nice article, it is fun and different from the others, and give you a nice message about this thing that we like to call life, the place and the time that we have got to enjoy and learn more and more, and that is true growing
on 28/08/2011
This is just amazing, I am still crying. All readings are so true to my heart. Thank you for your time.

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