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Dermatitis? What to do and natural remedies

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Dermatitis? What to do and natural remedies

Do you have itching, and you scratch yourself a lot? In short words, dermatitis (also called eczema), is a general term for skin inflammation. It consists in an extensive rash with itching, burning, dry skin and blemishes.


Dermatitis is caused by the abrasion of the skin due to external irritants, such as gasoline, turpentine, and fertilizers. Excessive exposure to sunlight, detergents, soaps or other chemicals can dry or decrease the fat in the skin. Cement and various plants, insects or industrial chemicals, as well. Dermatitis may be a sign of allergies, nervousness, or prolonged use of medicines.

General Care

Never use soap! It removes natural oils from your skin. Use a skin cleaner that doesn't content soap.
Take baths and showers with warm water, not hot. Add bath oils if your skin is extremely dry or flaky. When dry, do it with slight pat, do not rub.

Keep your nails short and clean

Avoid sudden temperature changes and any violent exercise that makes you sweat. The weight of a warm to cold climate or vice versa can be the trigger for itching.

Maintain a relative humidity greater than 40%, in winter and summer, and a dry skin shouldn’t be completely dehydrated.

Remove lint, wool or rough clothes, they get dermatitis worse. Wear soft and wide cotton clothes.

Get rid of stuffed toys and feather pillows.

Even though it sounds cruel, get rid of pets, especially dogs and cats with long hair.

Do not get exposed to dust, industrial chemicals, fumes, aerosols, penetrating oils, paints, varnishes and solvents. They worsen dermatitis.

Avoid cosmetics, cleansers, body oils and lotions that contain lanolin. It's good for sheep, but not to humans. They cause allergies, clogged oil glands (causing acne) and aggravates dermatitis.

Do not use rubber gloves for housework. Even those with cotton protection, they "sweat" immersed in hot water, releasing chemicals and rubber stabilizers, which exacerbate the eczema on fingers. If you have to wash dishes and doing housework using rubber gloves, use cotton coatings under the rubber gloves all the time for protection.

Avoid lotions and ointments with benzocaine and antihistamines.

Don't apply Vaseline and other greasy ointments, as they tend to intensify the itching, because they prevent the evaporation of sweat.

Prevent stress and emotional tension.

Don't scratch yourself. You could get worse, and you can open the skin or damage it, contributing to secondary bacterial infection.

Natural Remedies

Relieve itching inflammation with an oatmeal bath. 

You can use the following formula:

Add two cups of colloidal oatmeal (ground), in a tub of warm water. Enjoy soak for 20 minutes. You will feel much better.

Relieve dermatitis with oatmeal soap

If your skin is very dry, you should keep it clean and prevent leakage, but you should not use a commercial soap. Instead, try to replace it with oatmeal soap. Wrap the rolled oats in a clean, tie a rubber band around the top and dip it in warm water. Use it as a normal bath sponge, rub gently just like soap. It will clean your skin and keep a natural oil all the time, it is oatmeal soap!

Cold milk compress

Relieve itching with this compress. In a glass of milk, add several ice cubes and let stand for five minutes. Dip a thin piece of cotton or gauze into milk and apply it on irritated skin for 15 minutes. The uncomfortable itching must improve before ending the day. Otherwise consult your dermatologist.

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2 Reviews about Dermatitis? What to do and natural remedies
on 27/01/2015
I've never had dermatitis, and actually I don't think I've ever really had any skin conditions like this before. I attribute a lot of this to my diet and hygiene habits, I don't wash excessively, and I eat a healthy diet. I think a lot of people get too absorbed in "cleanliness", which is actually bad if too extreme.
on 02/11/2012
I think personal hygiene is the most important factor to avoid dermatitis. The cold milk compress is a very good idea to regenerate your skin, it works for me!

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