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Mental suffering comes in many ways, depression is the most common. Around the world, millions of people suffer, according to estimates, of acute biological depression, which requires therapy, that not necessarily receive. In addition to these millions of people who show symptoms of depression, there are hundreds of thousands suffering from "hidden depression", so do not realize that their physical pain is actually symptoms of depression. In general, depression, aggressive in all stages of life and vary in intensity, becomes a real concern at certain times. Also it exists in the animal world, and it can be cured both in humans and in animals.

With therapy, Flower Essences, Reiki, Massage and Metamorphic Noni juice, I have tried this treatment for depression, with excellent results, although it varies between one being and another, the treatment can last between six months and one year.

Depression can be "always" dragged or be recent, the sooner it is treaded the better, before the Being who suffer it; it is important to ask whether the patient ties including family and friends.

Symptoms of depression vary widely from one person to other. They can vary so much, so therefore, that two people with depression may have little in common, beyond the depressed mood.

There is good reason to not feel well, such as divorce, death of a loved one, losing a job or a fight with a friend. These symptoms are logical under these circumstances. However, if symptoms are interfering with daily life or feel you cannot get rid of them, then ask for help. Although depression is common after a stressful event, sometimes it happens without apparent cause.

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2 Reviews about Depression
on 27/09/2014
When I was growing up my mother was chronically depressed and it really affected my brother and I as we were growing up. We didn't realize she was depressed, but we did realize that she was going through a period of "craziness". We thought that was just how she was, and now that we're older, I can see just how sick se was.
on 11/11/2013
My mother recently passed a bad moment, especially because of the money, and now she is a lot way better but we had a lot of troubles, she was sad all the time, and doing strange things too, I am glad she is ok now, so I really recommend therapies to release stressful situations

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