Tobacco Dependence and options to overcome it Optionen um das Rauchen zu lassen Dependencia al Tabaco: Conoce las opciones para superarla

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Tobacco Dependence and options to overcome it

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Tobacco Dependence and options to overcome it

Everything seems ready: The decision has been made and the starting moment marked to finally stop smoking. You have checked and there aren't any cigarettes at home. But in the background there is always the question of not succeeding, fear that leads us back to the same habit we want to quit.

Tobacco addiction is an illness and requires proper medical treatment.

Benefits of quitting smoking

The beneficial effects which quitting smoking have on the body are almost instantly noticeable:

  • After 20 minutes: Cardiac tension and frequency normalise.
  • 8 hours after quitting smoking: Carboxyhemoglobin disappears.
  • At 72 hours: The airways start to open and the cough begins to minimise.
  • At 7 days: You begin to regain your senses of smell and taste.
  • At 15 days: The skin regains smoothness and your mood improves, as well as insomnia and attention span.
  • At 3 months: Upto 80 percent of breathing capacity and exercise ability are recovered.
  • At 6 months: Normalised susceptibility to bronchitis and cough almost gone.

At this stage, the person can now be considered a former smoker.

How to quit smoking?

There is no doubt that there are many benefits to quitting smoking, however if the smoker does not put in effort on their side, this will be an absolute waste of time. With this we conclude that the first step to quitting is our own motivation and the decision to do so must be our own.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This therapy provides a sufficient level of nicotine to help the body to control the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. Its main tools are:

Patches: Applied directly to the skin for 24 hours and release a steady dose of nicotine, this dulls cravings in the body and reduces the desire to smoke. The treatment lasts for three months, during which you should be progressively reducing the amount of nicotine that is delivered to the body.

Gum: Used as a complement to the patches, or a complete substitute to smoking in cases of less dependent smokers. Its side effects include headaches, palpitations and vomiting, although moderate consumption and long after quitting smoking can avoid these drawbacks.

Natural Remedies

Homeopathy: Homeopathic methods generally consist in stimulating the human body's self-healing efforts trying to react in defense of their own balance. An individualised treatment is based on the use of products which act on the same receptors which act towards nicotine and stimulate them to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Phytotherapy: This is based on active ingredients directly used as medicinal plants to treat anxiety with San Juan, valerian, lemon balm, etc. Sometimes lobelia is recommended as an alternative to gum and patches in this case, but with take extra precaution because they may also be addictive.

Herbal Cigarettes without nicotine: These are used to replace conventional cigarettes, thereby removing nicotine, so the recommendation is to go slowly removing the cigarette habit, reducing the amount of cigarettes a day. With this method, it simulates the urge to smoke, but there is no nicotine contained in these cigarettes, thus helping to wean you off your addiction.

Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture: offers a therapy based on reducing psychological dependence with needles inserted in various parts of the body to promote peace and harmony.

Auriculotherapy: This is a variation of acupuncture that focuses its action on the ears, believing that the body has wide connections with them. Correct handling will provoke healing effects. Its promoters claim that it is a valid technique not only for smoking but also for other addictions; it can be done with needles, with electrical stimulation or lasers.

Hypnosis: Success lies in the willingness of the smoker, so what better way than to find a method that acts directly from that point. Hypnosis makes the patient see smoking as something disgusting in a way that will have the feeling of being liberated from something undesirable.

Aversion therapies: These methods try to create a sense of rejection towards cigarettes within the patient, making the patient not smoke all day except for an hour in which they consume many cigarettes. The goal is to provoke the experience of nausea and other side effects related to smoking tobacco, so you ultimately choose not to use it. The side effects can be so severe that experts advise against these methods.

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5 Reviews about Tobacco Dependence and options to overcome it
on 05/06/2016
This was an interesting read with lots of effective ways to give up smoking tobacco. However, I think the importance of the person's willpower and conviction must be highlighted here: If they are being pushed into giving up smoking by somebody else, or do not really want to quit then this whole exercise will be a complete waste of time. Change comes from within a person and no amount of pushing them will change their mind. Let them decide in their own time for more effective results.
on 15/07/2014
This is such a great article! I'm so glad you've included homeopathic remedies as well, and really shape the framework of smoking as what it is - a disease. My grandfather was a chain smoker for years, and in 1996 suffered from a major heart attack, needing triple bipass surgery. He made it out, but the doctor made it clear that if he hadn't smoked, that probably never would have happened. He dropped it like a bad habit and hasn't looked back since.
on 05/08/2013
I started with the gum but I still feel like smoking and this worries me, I have decided to end this habit for good but maybe I'm not ready, dince I'm suffering a lot to stop doing it, and I do not want to fall again, so please coul you recommend me something more heavier? I mean that has a hugh rate of results and maybe a story of someone that used that method.
on 04/08/2013
Now I'm passing the month number 2 without smoking and I even realized that, I mean, I don not have more craving to do it, and I'm so glad about this, now I can run faster and I fel my heart a lot way better and healthier, I think that quiting smoking is one of the best choices I have ever made on my life
on 22/05/2013
I just quit smoking a couple of weeks ago and the first days were too much for me, I almost killed myself, just kidding, but well I wasn?t ok and it was hard for me but now I?m feeling less necessity, I?m feeling the good things mentioned here and I hope to stay this way for the rest of my life

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