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Defining Abdominal

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Defining Abdominal

Did you ever want to have these well marked abdominal, and a flat belly free of fat?
There are those who seek to define the abdominals to show off at the beach or the pool. Because having "good abs" is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a well-worked increase abdominal strength, and are an indicator of the general good condition of the body.

But to have this body that we wish, well marked abdominals and aesthetically correct, we need to train and change some habits.

Here we propose five steps that will help you to achieve your goal:

Step 1: Balance in your diet

Reduce the percentage of body fat and for this it is necessary to revise our habits in food.

To achieve this primary delete all those foods that contribute to increased caloric intake and increase fat deposits, for example fried foods, sausages, preserved butters, sauces and animal fats, and all products derived from sugar or baked.

Keep in mind that each gram of fat provides new calories, while the same amount of protein or carbohydrate provides less than half. This means that when you reduce fat, you need fewer calories ingested, an important step for the body to use its deposits in reserve.

It is extremely important the water consumption, especially outside of meals so you can activate the process of elimination.

Also need to modify the volume of food consumed until several small portions of meals per day , this is between 5 to 6 servings.

Another point to remember is that you must eat more calories in the morning and just after training, the rest of the intakes to be in moderation.

Eat sparingly carbohydrates such as white flour, potatoes, rice, pasta or tubers. Try these foods are not part of the menu after noon.

2nd step: Fat Burn Exercises

Aerobic exercise is ideal in any physical activity and consuming calories, and used as fuel for fat deposits and helps remove them.

It is necessary that the intensity reach a certain cardiac rhythm and turning on the transpiration so that the body uses as fuel adipocyte. So if you use sessions of exercise bicycles, walking belt, rowing machine or stair climbing will reduce weight quickly, and eliminate the fat.

Step 3: Increase in muscle mass

A greater muscle mass, burn more calories the body performing no activity.
It is absolutely proven that the muscle tissue needs calories to function and active even at rest, because unlike the fat tissue is metabolically inactive, since it only represents a reservation of calories, there is always metabolic activity i.e. increasing the caloric expenditure.

After decades of experience it is assumed that when the gain muscle mass training of big heavy body is the best way. It recommends the use of series between six and ten repetitions. Among the most effective exercises are the squat, press, banking and shoulders, the dominated and the oars, and so on.

TIP: train with heavy weights all the major muscle groups because doing so will not only increase muscle in your back, legs, chest, shoulders and arms, but it will be easier to remove fat and muscles remain defined.

The 4th step: Defined abdominal

Following the above steps you will lose weight and remove fat from your waist adiposity, So surely look better. However, if it has acquired these forms really athletic and muscle is necessary to work directly musculature of the abdominal wall. These muscles are attractive like shaped chocolate bar that we all admire. This is one long muscle divided into squares separated by a center line, extending from the pelvis to bottom of the chest, although it is often popularly known as upper and lower abdominals. The first are the navel to the chest and the second at the navel the pelvis. The muscle wall is activated strongly when approaching the torso to the legs or vice versa, i.e. when we do the "famous abs. 

The most classic work the abdominals is the elevation of trunk inclined table, but is more effective, more direct and comfortable movements or contractions of shrinkage. The torso hit to the upper abdomen and contractions reverse, bringing the legs to the trunk at the bottom.

The 5th Step: Enjoy your new figure

Once maintaining a balanced diet, you've started with cardio exercises and body in general and in particular the abdominals, you are entering to increase your muscle mass, is just adjust to your new body. Notice that your waist is gaining more strength and appear well drawn that the abdominal muscles completely change your body aesthetics, providing a stronger visual sense of beauty and larger in the body. At first glance, appears to reduce the waist to automatically have widened the shoulders and back and legs.

You know how to show off an admirable body, it is time to get to work for it!

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2 Reviews about Defining Abdominal
on 27/06/2015
Great article, I love that you're bringing awareness to all the effort it takes to really get o the point of having defined abs. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of diet, however, because before you show your abs, you'll need to get rid of the layer of fat over them.
on 28/08/2013
Too much work for one person, just kidding, but I do not know if I could maintain all of the things you ask here, but that is what takes to have a nice and marked body right? Maybe I could stand the exercise but the diet is something really hard to me

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