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Debugging diet: Clean your body and mind

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Debugging diet: Clean your body and mind

We have often heard of the "cleansing diets" and although we thought we would do well, we do not. In this article we intend to publicize the guidelines for a thorough cleaning of our bodies, taking into account a conscious personal nutrition.

The work is then a personal conscious nutrition, evaluating the quality and quantity of food and watching the desires and instincts that come from our ancestral past.

The cleansing diet is individual choice, conscious and free, to feel a necessary cleansing, not only with food but also the sights and sounds, addictions and emotions.

According to the circadian or biological rhythms, these are the organic working hours:

  • 4 am - 12 noon: debugging
  • 12 noon - 8 pm: decomposition
  • 8 pm - 4 am: metabolic analysis
  • 1 am -3 am: liver regeneration.
  • 5 am - 7 am: large intestine - lung.
  • 5 pm -7 pm: kidney.


In addition to a diet (which we detail below), this work requires a comprehensive movement of our body and mind.

So you should do a walking pace, making conscious and deep breaths to rejuvenate and oxygenate the blood; practice only 5 minutes of prayer, meditation or contemplation, filling your body with air. Do this when you wake up and lie down.

Group cleaning and reflections

Since faith comes by hearing and wisdom by the application of knowledge, “we met because it is good and we should hear to each other, with genuine and accurate testimony and individually take advantage of mealtimes, to prosaic fact of an act of communion with Heaven and Earth, apart from a conscious acceptance and integration with human beings”.

“For a short space of time we leave the TV addiction, coffee, snuff ... and moments of silence, chose to review the past, reviving old ...., Consciously observing and integrating ... in order to be reborn into something new and unknown.”

“In this waiver, we feel a release, accompanied by gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance to all creation ... while we become aware of our body, giving more importance to the food that nourishes us.”

That is the job for those days:

“When you clean, cleanness displays not only the physical and superfluous part but also get rid of our burdens and sins, dissolving with the aid of understanding and comprehension. Just as the hard, crystalline salt dissolves in the ocean.”

“Accepting our limitations will be the source of virtue, but boast of our virtues is a limitation.”

“Constant awareness to find the light that unifies everything, silencing our mind, and listening to the heart, to savor and enjoy the all-encompassing void.”

“Through meditation, we show the inner silence, encountering oneself. Fasting or a basic diet opens the door of the unified home. And ... humility, from the heart, lead us to our own presence.”

Cleansing diet

Breakfast: Cream of rice or oat cream.

A measure of wheat toast for 9 to 12 measures of water.

20 cm of kombu seaweed and a teaspoon of salt.

We put the ingredients to boil in the pot when it boils, defoam and let boil 5 min. Cover and transfer it to a diffuser if necessary, leaving it 2-3 hours if done without pressure.

Food: Pre-cooked cereal toast, choice of rice, millet or quinoa. Add a spoonful of gomasio low salt or a spoonful of pumpkin seeds.

Make mugi broth mineralizing with unpasteurized miso, choosing for each stock, three kinds of vegetables, organic and always of the season.

Examples: onion, leek and carrot or turnip, onion, cabbage and squash.

Dinner: The same or similar food, but less quantity.

Drinks: Do not drink if there is no thirst.

Drink tea from three years like Kukicha, hojicha. You can also drink tea or barley malt.

Very important:

Be thankful, chew, and enjoy with calm and tranquility throughout the food, both liquid and solid, without exception.

Source: Casa-Taller Saluz -

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3 Reviews about Debugging diet: Clean your body and mind
on 11/06/2017
Base on info posted U guys need to get into the natural herb supply business , Not the organic. I find the ORGANIC herb is worse than the Gmo food. On the other hand it,s more profitable to import from Indea & China but the product are garbage, product from South & West Africa & Jamaica are original than other countries. INFO GIVEN U GUYS COULD MAKE MONEY
on 16/12/2014
Fantastic article, I can't wait to try a cleanse of my own! The funny thing is that I used to fast once a week (I tried this for a few months), and it always left me feeling absolutley exhausted, but I had bowel movements the entire day!! Up to seven! I think it was because my body was cleansing itself, so I'll have to give this a try.
on 29/04/2013
Amazing! Thanks a lot for this article, it helped me to feel alive and enjoy food, I?m thinking on following a diet to clean my body and my mind as well, and following these recommendations could be a really good help to achieve all my goals, so thanks very must, I wish I?d known spanish to look up that webpage lol

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