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Workshops of outlets selling organic products

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Workshops of outlets selling organic products

Starting this Thursday, 5 November, the Symposium on Management will be held of outlets selling organic product in Madrid. The event is part of the 25th edition of Biocultura, the organic product fair and responsible consumption of Spaint.

Those days began in the 2008 edition of BioCultura in Madrid and from there it stimulated great interest among people who are planning to open a new business selling organic products and those already working in one, either as employee or as owner.

While this first edition introduced basic concepts of organic farming, store management and nutrition and dietetics, this second edition aims to deepen knowledge of both management and dietetics and nutrition at a time which will address the knowledge of specific products, but very present in this type of establishments such as algae or cosmetics.

Although they are a continuation of the conferences that were held last year, are open and of interest to anyone interested who is working in the area or intends to do so soon.

Program of the conference:

Thursday, 5 November

11.00-11.30h Opening and presentation
Angeles Parra. President of the Asociación Vida Sana
11.30-14.00h prototype green store. Future patterns of marketing and sales.
Alberto Lopez Aguado. Director of Commissary Macabeo
14.00-16.00h Lunch Break
16.00-17.15h organic and natural cosmetic.
Ana Isabel de Andrés. Poppy Workshop
17.45-19.00h Algae, a food must.
Clemente Fernandez Saa. Cofounder of Algamar. Author of "Algae of Galicia. Food and Health" 

Friday, 6 November

10.00-14.00h Kitchen with organic food.
Montse Vallory. Chef cooking teacher and graduated at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts (New York)
14.00-16.00h Lunch Break
16.00-19.00h sale facility management
Alberto Lopez Aguado. Director of Commissary Macabeo

Conference on Management of outlets selling organic products

Max. of participants: 50
Dates of days: from 05.11.2009 to 06.11.2009
Thursday, 5 November: 11am to 14pm and from 16 to 19h
Friday 6 November: 10 to 14h and from 16 to 19h
Province: Madrid
Venue of the conference:
BioCultura, Bird Street
Glass Pavilion, Madrid

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2 Reviews about Workshops of outlets selling organic products
on 29/04/2015
Agreed. Yes, it is too late to check this place out I think (this article is a few years old) but keep them coming! I say all of our produce NEEDS to be organic, because some people just don't have the space/time/money to grow their own gardens. Obviously growing your own produce chemical-free is ideal, but not all of us can...
on 01/06/2013
It?s some kind too late to go to this place but well anyway it?s good to know that there are places that seriously have in mind the importance of the organic farming and products, the world needs more people helping it out! And the sooner, the better?

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