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Damaged Hair... emergency mission

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Damaged Hair... emergency mission

Do you have damaged hair? Does it fall down a lot? Why do you fail while doing it healthy and beautiful? There is a long list of reasons why hair may look damaged, dry, or lacking. And often, even if the remedy is applied, the hair does not improve and looks very unnatural.

If you feel your hair is not as you want or have problems in your hair, please follow these infallible tips to help your dry hair transform into beautiful hair quickly. So get to work!

Recommendations you must not forget

Maybe you've already heard many times that the dryer, curling irons or dyes and permanent use, as well as abrasive products, fasteners, modelers, etc. are a cause of the damage of hair. If you have used these products and have damaged hair, do not hesitate to stop using it for a while, so the hair can be restored.

Cannot stop using dyes or fixers, dryers, etc.?

If you feel you cannot work without these products, then try to use natural alternatives such as henna hair coloring dye, for example, or using models or binders without alcohol or harmful ingredients, and more. They are certainly more noble with hair. Damaged hair is usually much more susceptible to chemicals, even if you use masks or products to restore it. If you have an abrasive environment in your hair, it cannot heal and look beautiful or strong, even though you carry out the following remedies. You need to remove the chemical and replace some with noble and gentle ingredients.

Wash your hair

It is very important to avoid washing your hair daily especially if it’s abused. It is best to wash it every 3 days and allow the natural oils nourish the scalp and hair follicle. When you wash, never use abrasive soaps ingredients, it is best to choose shampoos that contain natural ingredients, such as those with honey, jojoba, natural oils, and more. When washing your hair, give a gently massage to the scalp and then, without making the hair a ball, rub it with both hands from root to tip. Do not expose to hot water, the best is cool or normal water. Avoid conditioners, it is best not to apply so many things in your hair, it is best to rest it and nurture it as natural as possible.

When you're done washing your hair, do not use the dryer immediately. Wait until your hair is as dry as possible. Avoid washing in the evening or before bed as this can mistreat your hair and weaken the root due to moisture that focuses on your scalp.

After washing hair, don’t brush or pull it. Wait until it is as dry as possible and then with a wide bristle comb, comb gently. If there are knots, pass the comb slowly until the knot is undone.

A nutritious diet

More than any product, eating the proper food makes a beautiful head, so hair can look well nourished and healthy. If you do not eat well, the first to resent the lack of nutrients will be your hair, since it is not a fundamental part of your body so your body will prefer to distribute nutrients to other places.

So you need to be well nourished and your hair won’t suffer or fall due to lack of nutrients. You must keep a varied diet, eat lots of vegetables in salads or juices, five servings a day at least. You should also consume fresh fruits, whole grains, avocado, vegetable protein, salmon, vegetable amaranth and milk for a wide variety of nutrients. Avoid eating junk food or refined sugar, processed meats and fried foods, because the only thing that these products make is damaging your body, cause overweight and worsen the condition of your hair.

We recommend eating 5 times a day and include lunch and dinner salads with plenty of fresh and uncooked vegetables to take advantage of all its minerals and vitamins. 4 times a week eat fish or seafood, and include brewer's yeast which is excellent for hair.

Stress and damaged hair

One reason that prevents the healthy hair is stress. The tension on the scalp causes the hair follicle to choke and does not allow nor nurture and grow. Often pay attention to your scalp and relax, because, even if you don’t notice it, your head may be under great stress.

You should avoid working when you're tired, and keep a relaxed mood during the day. If this seems impossible, just think that no problem is solved with concern, but with occupation. Take a deep breath, trust your skills and life to solve your problems and you'll see that not only your hair will be fine but your entire body.


If you eat well but do not have good circulation, your hair would definitely say out loud that. Circulation is the basis for the nutrients you eat to be spread through your body and reach the top of your body which is your head. So you should pay special attention to this detail, and in addition, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, as this can help to absorb nutrients.


Apply a mask with avocado, egg yolk and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil once a week. Leave in your hair as long as you can and then wash.

And finally...

Give a massage at night to your scalp, before sleeping. Do it with your fingertips and with head bowed. This releases tension and help to circulate nutrients and well-oxygenate the cells in your head. Also helps you to relax and sleep better.

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3 Reviews about Damaged Hair... emergency mission
on 13/09/2014
I had no idea stress could actually damage your hair! But now that I read this, it makes total sense. I already follow the majority of these tips, healthy diet, avoid coloring and perms, I don't wash my hair too much, adn yes, it all pays off. I have very healthy and shiny hair. Thanks for the fantastic article!
on 11/09/2014
I don't really have damaged hair, per se, but I am always looking for new, natural remeides for taking better care of my hair. I am fairly paranoid abotu all of the products that contain chemicals and "bad" things in it, so I'm always excited to hear more information about natural ways of taking care of hair. Thanks so much for the wonderful article!
on 11/01/2013
Nice tips to have an amazing and beautiful hair! Everything starts from the diet and how you take care of your whole body. Do not focus on only one part, you can find the perfect balance to maintain a beautiful body and mind and surprise everyone that surrounds you, so what are you waiting for?

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