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Daily hair care

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Daily hair care

Before bedtime and getting up, you should think in carefully brushing your hair, wick to wick. Brushing the hair and scalp gives air, which, as the skin, need oxygen.

Before each washing, brush back your hair (yes, again!) To unravel, aerate and allow water and shampoo to be distributed equally throughout the hair.

Take a bit of shampoo in the palms and hands to distribute rubbing well, then apply it in the neck, on the temples and on top of the head and then massage the head with the shampoo.

Foam should be uniform over the entire head. Before clarifying, go throwing small amounts of water in the hair and continue massaging. You can then proceed to rinse, and it is not essential that water is cold.

The final stage is drying. Always use a hair dryer with stronger power, a soft warm air, to create movement and alternating with cold air to fix the hairstyle.

Best brush is composed of boar hair and whether you want well drawn curls, the handle must be of metal, for a thermal effect, which will tone the border.

Occasionally, you should wash the brush with soap and water, and after clarification, however, leave it to dry. It will be much more effective!

Having selected the most appropriate care, it is important to use them regularly. After shampoo, apply a balm or conditioner, and once or twice a week, apply a mask and leave to act 5 to 10 minutes. If you only do this every 15 days, it would have virtually no effects!

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1 Reviews about Daily hair care
on 15/10/2015
I'm really trying to work around having to use commercially produced hair conditioner, so for two weeks I tried using coconut oil on my hair, but it left it so greasy that I had to start shampooing after I used it. It never really worked, do you have any recipes for homemade conditioner?

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