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Daily guide to improve health

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Daily guide to improve health

When you get up

Attempt to do it in time to meet your obligations, without haste.

Avoid triggering the mind too much, since you will do that during the day. It is good to start with a few conscious breaths.

Hygiene is the first, including a rubbing with a damp towel, followed by a rough. Daily showers are usually not necessary unless you feel dirty.

If water is essential for physical hygiene, it is also for psychological hygiene.

Most breakfasts are made more for pleasure than need of energy.

The break-fast as its name suggests, is to break the fast, so you can do it or not. In this time of day there is great energy in the air that feed other bodies. Our will is strong.

If, nevertheless, the body craves food and "the mind" allows that, breakfast can be made based mainly in grains.

It is important to recover the Mediterranean diet, health guarantee and bear in mind that the basic food and which supports success is the consumption of carbohydrates of slow assimilation contained primarily in natural cereals (grains), legumes and vegetables.

Recommended energy breakfasts are those which are constituted by natural grain cereals:

  • Creams of biological cereal grains, homemade. The same system of cooking a cereal but with more water and more time, and with a hint of sweetness provided by dried fruits. While taking, add nuts.
  • If you have already boiled rice (naturally whole rice can be stored for several days), another 15 minutes with warm water and raisins. Or eat rice in a preheated skillet with some dried fruit.
  • If you have a good bread, you can have a good breakfast.
  • You can make an excellent vegetable milk whisking per person 2 tablespoons of boiled rice with hazelnuts or almonds and a 100 gr. of Tofu with a glass of boiled water.
  • The option to consume fruit is valid only if the fruit is ripe on the trees in our area.

Try to spend a morning focused on yourself and don’t open the senses to external problems indiscriminately to avoid excessive wear that would affect us throughout the day. While commuting, be quiet and avoid the radio, at least a few days a week. These recommendations are for those who want to know, accept and overcome themselves.

It is convenient throughout the morning to make conscious deep breaths, using the most unexpected moments as:

  • A waiting room
  • A traffic jam
  • Walking

Today much is known about the relationship between breath and spirit. Spiritus is Latin for "blowing" and so in-spiration means introducing the spirit.  It is very important to get rhythm in breathing; slow breathing actually is a defense mechanism to control emotions.


Try to do it in a friendly place, because our stomach digests food and feelings, and bad feelings can ruin the best organic food.

It is advisable to opt for a vegetarian meal mainly because we avoid the dangerous animal fats and cholesterol abounding live foods.

To ensure a high quality protein, it is necessary to combine different vegetables and optionally some animal protein, preferably fish.

Among the most representative food of the food we have:


In the form of bio bread, sprouts, brown rice, corn in salads, soups millet or vegetables, etc.

It is advisable to always have cooked rice, as it allows us to have a staple food in many recipes and replace the poor bread of today.


Like beans, lentils,tofu (made from soy), chickpeas (in salads, purees, with vegetables, etc.), and other legumes.


Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds are good examples. Consume few, less than ten units, as half of their weight is fat difficult to digest and overload our liver.

Food of animal origin

In all animal products, you must look for a good quality as poor conditions create toxins in your body. Among the fish, we have the frozen warranties (deep sea and are therefore less contaminated) and salt-preserved as cod.

Dairy products in general are more trouble than good for you. The biochemistry of the milk complexity, make these products (cheese, yoghurt or milk) consumption for once or twice a week. Other animal protein such as red meat, poultry, and other, if consumed, should be once or twice a month.

Don’t abuse of protein foods, because we need only one gram of protein per kilo of weight, and every protein we eat in excess, the body burns in a dirtier way loading the liver and kidney.


Never miss boiled, fried, steamed, raw and more vegetables.

It is interesting to recall the advantages of using a bit of seaweed daily in salads (hiziki or Arame), in cooking vegetables (kombu), in cooking other vegetables (wakame) or making desserts or breakfast (Agar agar). These products are available in health food stores.

Land and sea vegetables are foods with a lot of minerals, necessary to combat stress and the multitude of toxic we eat every day.


The fruit is recommended alone, between meals and if you feel like.

Beware of salad dressings, as they damage kidney.

To end the meal with dessert is not healthy, especially when ill.

Avoid canned, preserved and frozen food.

Consuming carbohydrates of slow assimilation will allow us to dispense the brown sugar, fructose, honey, saccharin and other sweeteners.

Water is essential for a high quality, because we have more than 65% in our body. Do not drink more than what we feel like.

We take this opportunity to recommend a better water source, it is our saliva, while chewing we can drink up to 2 liters a day, we even shorten digestion, one of the most expensive biological processes, energetically speaking.

After meals slowly resume activity.

In the afternoon, don’t forget the conscious breaths, the more the better. If the situation allows you, try walking barefoot on grass, alternating stretching exercises with muscle strength, benefiting the cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal system. The practice of sport for all ages is good, as well as cleaning the house.

It is very important to combine sport and breathing; athletes know that increases resistance. Gradually the day winds down and it's time for some "vice", which serves to balance our internal war.


Like the lunch but in smaller amounts, respecting at least three hours before bedtime and not exceeding the dinner at 10 at night, because the liver is low of energy and poor on digestion.

It's time to see some TV, but occasionally, since it hurts us and disturbs sleep.

Before sleeping, end the day with conscious breaths: lie on the bed with your hands in the center of the chest, or do body-awareness exercises, or feel the body sitting in meditation posture. Try to sleep with the window open in both summer and winter. During rest, the body recovers from the damage of the day's activity and recovers energy.

The tandem activity-rest must be observed with good pace, they are two important health factors.

And soon... another happy day begins.

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5 Reviews about Daily guide to improve health
on 09/07/2014
I totally agree. There is little emphasis in mainstream society about the importance of taking time. But it is fundamentally important. And I agree with the former comment as well about the important of living according the sunrise and sunset if you have the means to. This will put us in tune with the natural rhythm of life and quite naturally illness and distress will just drop by the way side.
on 06/07/2014
on 04/05/2014
you need to be serious when following this right? I mean, there is no way it can work if you don't put your effort on that, well, maybe it's not time for me to follow this guide...
on 03/01/2013
Hello Allison.
Siento contestarte en otro idioma pero lo siento, no sé inglés.

Me dices:
"Es buena guia mejorar nuestra calidad de vida en estos estresantes dias.
Me gustaría una recomendación sobre la hora adecuada de dormir. Porque he oido mucho sobre la digestión y ese tipo de cosas; asi que qerría saber cuando es la hora correcta para dormir, hagamelo saber si puede, gracias"

Si vives en Inglaterra tienes la suerte de respetar el horario solar y te será mas fácil cenar e ir a dormir antes.
El problema es que los órganos digestivos que dependen del Sistema Nervioso Autónomo, Simpático y Parasimpático, no fueron diseñados para trabajar de noche salvo necesidad corporal. A partir de las 20,00 h se recomienda comer poco y que principalmente sean Hidratos de Carbono, bien masticados y poca grasa y poca proteína, para que el paso por el estómago sea fácil y rápido y el alimento no necesite de bilis. Piensa que la necesidad de bilis se acciona con la presencia de grasas y proteínas despues del estómago.
Una cena equilibrada sería comer entre las 19,00 h y 20,00 h arroz herbido con gomasio (sésamo tostado y triturado con un poco de sal) y verduras del mediodía y unos daditos de Tofu dorados en sartén y aderezados con salsa de soja, si se quiere.

Al cenar pronto ir a dormir después de un paseo relajante y a poder ser sin TV sobre las 22,00h a las 23,00 h
Buen día.

Abrazos fraternales.

on 02/01/2013
It?s a good guide to improve our quality of life in these stressful days. I would like to hear recommendations of the time of sleep, because I have read a lot of the time of digestion and that kind of stuff, so I wanted to know when the perfect time to sleep is. Let me know if you can thanks!

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