Curing Insomnia without Pills or Medication Schlaflosigkeit heilen ohne Pillen oder Drogen Curar Insomnio sin Pastillas ni Medicamentos

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Curing Insomnia without Pills or Medication

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Curing Insomnia without Pills or Medication

The body can get used to pills and medicines for restful sleep and often we believe that natural remedies "won’t do anything " because we think they are less potent, take more time to have an effect, etc.

However, while medicines and pills can help you to fall asleep, they may be causing the body to become weaker in the production of its own sleep-inducing hormones such as melatonin. If this continues, we may need to begin to take medication and tranquilisers to sleep and this can create a dependency to the extent that someone may constantly need to increase the amount of sleeping pills they are taking in order to sleep.

Maybe natural herbs and remedies take more time to adapt to your body, especially if you've often resorted to taking sleeping pills. However, if you insist with natural remedies, you will see that slowly you start to sleep better, not just curing your insomnia but also the cause, making your body stronger and allowing it create its own balance and harmony instead of relying on medication.

What causes insomnia?  

Usually, cases of insomnia present due to stress, worries and an altered nervous system, irregular sleep, anxiety, or at times when there are drastic or many small changes in a person's life. However, insomnia is mainly caused by excess acidity in the blood, i.e., many toxins circulating by the bloodstream, and a lack of calcium or malnourished nervous system. Did you know that if there is not enough calcium in your body, your nerve impulses will become deficient?

Curing Insomnia without Pills

If you take pills, we recommend cutting down on them slowly but surely. This will help your body get stronger to generate its own ways of balancing itself and your sleeping patterns. While doing this, we recommend the following juices for toxemia of the body:

Alfalfa, aloe and carrot juice

Try to drink this juice at midday and combine with food if you like. You will need: A glass of fresh carrot juice (freshly passed through the extractor to preserve its nutrients), half a cup of fresh alfalfa and a sprig of aloe vera. The combination of these three elements is a great cleanser for the body, plus alfalfa is rich in calcium and aloe vera will help to regenerate cells.

While fasting: Citrus juice

Orange, tangerine, lemon juice, etc. will help evacuate the toxins that the body gathers at night, plus the vitamin C contained in this juice helps the absorption of many nutrients in your body. Drink a glass of any of these juices, freshly made, while fasting.

Avoid: salty foods, chocolate, ham, fizzy drinks and coffee. These foods are irritating to the nervous system.

Try to include in your meals: Lettuce, spinach, almond milk, salads with sunflower seeds, whole grain bread, etc. These foods help to nourish the nervous system and are also relaxing.

Before sleeping, avoid having too much food as the process of digestion will not let you rest and may provoke nervousness at night. Dinner should be light and must be at least an hour before bedtime. Avoid overloading yourself with work and do not overstimulate the nervous system or it will be more difficult to fall asleep.

Practice breathing exercises at night: Concentrate on your abdominal breathing and concentrate on how your abdomen rises as you breathe and relax.

For your body to vent excess energy, do some yoga in the evenings. Put soft music on and try to concentrate on the music. This is ideal to prepare the body for sleep, especially to have a more relaxed and happy life.

Infusions that aid relaxation naturally

Drink infusions of peppermint, lemon balm, passionflower and/or chamomile twice daily. Before bed, an infusion of mint or lemon balm with a little almond milk is great because they are rich in calcium and help to relax the nervous system. Drink hot and sweetened with a touch of pure honey.

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6 Reviews about Curing Insomnia without Pills or Medication
on 16/02/2016
This offers some great advice, as there are so many people in this world who rely on MANufactured chemicals in order to function properly, ie getting a good rest or producing sleep hormones in order to fall asleep in the first place! The phenomenon of insomnia is pretty modern, as if people were doing the right amount of physical exercise for them each day, they would be super-tired when they go to bed! Just a thought...
on 02/09/2014
Excellent articles, these are great remedies. I like that they are all completely natural and easily found in the house already. No special trip to the store required. You did mention, however, that insomnia could be caused by stress and anxiety...perhaps you could provide a meditation to help relieve the stress as well? Thanks!
on 05/01/2014
The infusions are the best option if you want to have a quick and natural relief as soon as you can, try to use relaxing plant at night to get a nice sleeping night, maybe the first time it doesn't work but the other night you will feel better, that happened with me and my experience with the lavender tea
on 27/12/2013
The times that I have encountered insomnia problems, usually are due to things that are rounding my mind, I mean, they are just there making me think more and more and sometimes is useless, because it is not a rational thinking, but something like a robot, and that tension causes stress, and of course I cannot sleep well!
on 09/12/2013
I have heard that insomnia may be caused by a severly damaged or intoxicated body, which can have many problems not only insomnia, like nose running, always feeling sick, stomach and headache and things like that, so if you have one or more symptoms, you may be intoxicated and then you need to quickly start a detox diet or something similar
on 08/12/2013
Probably there are more people with sleeping problems that you can imagine, because there are many worries in the mind of the people of today, things that will happen or won?t happen or need to happen, we are always haunting us with thinking about the future and the problems and this takes the time to rest the brain and have a break.

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