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Cure Liver with debugging and Chinese Medicine

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Cure Liver with debugging and Chinese Medicine

To purify and cure the liver, we must understand how it works and its specific physiology. The liver tends to circulate blood, enzymes, extracellular fluids, fats and more. When the liver begins to stall these poisons or toxic substances, it causes a number of imbalances and disorders in the body.

This stagnations damage organs causing manifestations of edema or inflammation, cell necrosis and fibrosis vein, hepatic viral diseases, etc.

This may happen more frequently when you have heart conditions, such as heart failure, which can complicate liver injury and any type of viral hepatitis or liver disease. In these cases, it’s necessary a body cure need for cleaning.

Hepatic congestion: physical and emotional healing

Congestion occurs when the liver transaminases are slightly elevated, which is caused when you have drunk alcohol at least a little, or when there is a bad combination of foods that cause digestive fermentation generating alcohol, which happens when, for example, when you combine fruit or sweet products (such as sodas, juices, candy, sweetened water and sweets) with other foods, as the fruit sugar and other foods ferment food quickly, producing alcohol. Congestion also occurs when you use chemicals or drugs in excess (such as paracetamol, antibiotics, etc.), or when there is an inadequate diet, high in saturated fat and / or deficient in nutrients.

If we add the stress factor, either by work, family, etc., or if there are frequent anger or feelings of aggression, injustice or violence, then the liver congestion will become more evident and pronounced.

Any type of stress or pressure blocks liver function, because when the body is stressed, all its attention is centered on searching a solution for those problems. This is somewhat normal and healthy, but when stress is repeated and emphasized, liver chronically will block its activity and will be prone to congestion, which also trigger multiple diseases within and outside the liver, affecting other organ systems, mainly eyes and muscles (causing contractures, muscle tremors, twitching, blurred vision, eye problems, red eyes, etc.), as they are closely related to liver function, they depend on its correct blood supply: if it is excessive or insufficient, eyes and muscles will evidence that.

This is known as Qi stagnation syndrome (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which requires not only a cure or food but emotional purification, that’s a special diet and an understanding of new ways to appreciate and act on the life and a more conscious and mature handling of stress.

Liver cleansing


Low in animal fats, sweets, flour, refined sugars and junk food. You should drink tangerine juice fasting or a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed to drain excessive mucus and toxins accumulated in the liver, drink two liters of water a day and increase consumption of steamed vegetables.

If congestion is severe or you feel chronic pain

You must perform a cleansing diet for two days, eating only grapes or papaya in these days, starting on an empty stomach with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and drinking two liters of water a day.


Boldo tea (keeps the liver functional status), sage (drains blood impurities), milk thistle, artichoke and angelica (give vitality to liver and drain toxins). You have to drink two cups a day, 20 minutes after eating, choosing one of the plants mentioned. These plants help to drain excess blood from the liver, accumulation of toxins, mucus, stagnation of enzyme or granulation tissue.

Emotional nourishment:

You must practice yoga or stretching exercises to reduce overall body stress and calm the mind of the excesses of work as well as problems that afflict the mind. It is also important to cultivate new ways of seeing life, cultivate self-confidence, practice meditation, breathing exercises and learn to react to the experience without resistance and obstinacy.


Massage is a very suitable complement to lower stress and help the body balance energy level and blood supply. Oriental massage Tsan Chi-Nei is one of the best massages to regulate emotions.

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2 Reviews about Cure Liver with debugging and Chinese Medicine
on 22/07/2014
Aaah! the liver. A highly respected organ. Very interesting its relation to stress and problems. How mind blowing to start to think in terms of Chinese medicine - that EVERYTHING that goes into our bodies, be it food and drink, or emotions and thoughts - effect the entire organism. Such a simple and practical thought, yet Western medicine is almost completley ignorant of it.
on 12/12/2012
They say that the liver is really related to stress and that kind of problems, that?s why angry people suffer from liver diseases and pain. WE should take of every part of our body with the right diet and exercise. And that?s not enough, we need to get rid of stressful situations as they may complicate everything in our body and mind.

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